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Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / February 11th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
Catering staffing is a necessity for the success of any catering company in Miami. The role of the catering staff is to distribute the prepared foods and beverages to the guests. You will want event staffing in Miami that provides skilled, experienced, and professional staff for your next catering event. The benefit of hiring your staff through one agency is that they are already used to working together as a team and have worked specifically on previous catering events. Hiring individual catering staff yourself "off of the street" is not recommended for catering companies. It puts you and your business and moreover your professional reputation at certain risk. You won't know how they will work, dress, behave, or if they will show up at all, until the day of your catering event.

What is Catering Staff?

catering staff in miami
Catering staffing is a specific division of waitstaff for hire that deals with handing out caterer's baked and cooked items and beverages to the guests. Maintaining proper table service or buffet style service, depending on the type of catering arrangement and business they are employed by. Food handling, beverage distribution, customer service, and maintaining a clean working space, are key roles that highly trained and experienced catering staff will provide.

They will assist when necessary in the catering event setup and breakdown and cleanup to assist the caterer with the full extent of the event.

What Separates Good Catering Staff from Bad Catering Staff

Show up on time
Experienced in catering
Works well as a team
Pressed and dressed professionally
Willing to go the extra mile for guests
Loves the industry

May not show up on time or at all
No formal training
None or little catering experience
Hates group efforts at workplace
Wears whatever they find
Ignores guests requests
Does not like the industry at all

How to Find Topnotch Catering Servers for Hire Near Me?

Your best bet for finding the very best in catering servers for hire near me in Miami is to first start off with a google search and see what catering or event staffing agencies in Miami have the best and most google reviews.

Julia Valler Event Staffing has the most google accolades of any event staffing agency in the Miami area. We come highly regarded and recommended by our peers, clients, staff, and the community as a whole.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a 98% client retention rate, and have been hired repeatedly by such big names as Chanel, Coach, Ferrari, Tiffany & Co., Disney, and many more!
catering servers for hire near me

About Julia Valler Staffing Agency in Miami

  • Model quality experienced staff
  • Fully vetted staff-only 7% hired of applicants
  • Account Executives - great customer service provided to our clients to assist in the staffing process
  • Uniform Options- We provide several uniform styles for you to choose from based on the formality of your event.
  • W2 employees- no contractual staffing headaches to deal with, all of our staff are W2 hired employees
  • Online Staff Selection- we offer the convenience to our clients of being able to remotely select your staff by photos, video clips, and experience.
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