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Сatering Servers for Hire in Miami

Where do you look for catering servers for hire?
So you are all set with hiring your caterer for your exciting event day coming up, but you just realized you forgot to factor in that someone will need to serve all of that delicious food and beverages you just painstakingly arranged for. You need to find as soon as possible the right waitstaff with the right skills to work your important day. But where do you look for catering servers for hire?

our best and smartest option to guarantee your catering event goes by without a hitch is to seek out a professional staffing agency in the hospitality industry with the know-how and expertise to provide the services required.

Our Clients

Why Our Catering Servers Stands Out as the Best

catering servers for hire in Miami
Our agency has been at the top of the staffing industry for almost a decade. We are proud of the fact that 98% of our clients have become return customers because they were so satisfied with the service we provided them.

Our talent for hire is comprised of Model Servers, Model Bartenders, Cocktail Servers, Barbacks, Bussers, Sanitation Captains, Bar Captains, and more! All of our catering servers for hire are carefully selected to provide our exceptional client list with only the best of the best in the hospitality industry. We thoroughly examine all of our staff's work backgrounds and experience, professional behavior, skills, and food and beverage required certifications.
Only 7 % of all the numerous applications we receive, actually meet the high criteria we have established in selecting our team members.

This guarantees to our clients that they will have the event of the year with the best staff at the helm carrying it all the way to the end seamlessly.
Our Advantages
At Julia Valler Staffing, we have worked hard to earn our reputation as a premier staffing agency. Here are just a few of our many advantages.
Thorough Vetting Process
Our careful vetting process ensures that you are working with the best waitresses in the industry. We screen our employees based on personality, tact, and past experience to ensure that they are the perfect fit. In fact, less than 10% of the individuals who apply are hired to be part of our team.
Employed and Insured Staff
Working with us means no liability worries and no dealing with freelancers — all of our employees are W-2 and under our insurance policy.
Selection Made Easy
Our online photo or video selection lets you handpick your event's waitress service at your own convenience. If you have questions or doubts, our experienced account executives will be happy to guide you through the selection process and will also help ensure that all staff meets your event requirements.
Uniform Options
Having your waitress staff in uniform adds class to your event and helps ensure that your guests ask the right people for help.
Great Availability
No matter when you throw your party, we always have professional waitress staff who are able to serve your guests.

How to Book Catering Servers for Hire?

Request a quote on our
website or give us a call
Depending on the package you choose, your account executive will send you a quote and a presentation with photos, sizes and previous experience of available staff.
Confirm your event details, select the uniform, and make your staff selections.
Make a payment to confirm the booking. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful work of our staff.
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Jorman Castillo
Awesome service! Very professional. The company themselves very responsive. Wish them the best. Thank you for servicing my wedding.
Andrew G.
Your friendly and professional waitresses did a great job and at a good rate. That is exactly what I needed, my experience with your staffing company was excellent. Thank You so much Julia!
Tyrese Haspil
Requested waitresses for a last minute house party and I must say that I was absolutely blown away by the level of professionalism, integrity and genuine eagerness.

Why Hire Catering Servers Through an Agency

The main reason to find catering servers for hire through a reputable and top-notch agency for your upcoming event is to alleviate the pressure and burden off of yourself. You do not want to have to take the time to carefully select staff members, verify their experience, perform background checks, and then test them on their skills. Because if you don't do that, you are getting an unknown person in your event space, whether that's your home or a place you have arranged to use, and now a stranger who you don't know how they perform or behave, is passing around food to your guests. This is a nightmare situation for both professional event planners and individual party planners alike. So just don't put yourself in that predicament.
catering servers for hire in miami
catering servers for hire in miami
With a professional agency such as Julia Valler Staffing Agency, we take full responsibility for all the worrisome aspects of hiring staff. Our staff is professional, skilled, personable, well-groomed, and knowledgeable to carry out any type of event successfully. We provide additional training to all of our team members to ensure their skills are at the level of service we expect and deliver to our clients.

With an agency such as ours, you will not have to worry about staff not showing up on time or at all. Julia Valler's staff are professional to show up on time and get right to the tasks at hand. They work cohesively as a single team and are organized and know what is expected of them before they arrive at your event.

When Should I Hire My Catering Servers

The best time to hire our staff is as soon as your event date is locked in. That way you have time to make your own personal selections from our many team members. We do offer emergency staffing service solutions in case of your own personal staff not being able to work your event, or some other emergency staffing situation.
Not only do we provide catering servers, we provide peace of mind

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