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How to Find Topnotch Catering Staff for Hire in LA

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / March 10th, 2022 / ~ 6 minutes read
Catering staff provides all the services required to accommodate a catering event. Different services provided can manifest in many different ways in regards to food and drink service, event set up, clean up during and after the event, and hosting of the event. Depending on the scale and complexity of the catering event, you will need different catering staff for different tasks. Typically catering staff will help you greet and welcome your guests, provide plating service for food and serve beverages. There will be someone who should be clearing plates, silverware, glasses, wiping down tables, and sweeping floors. There should be staff available to work the bar if your event is including bar service. Support staff in the way of bussers, barbacks, and other types of support positions

Types of Catering Staff for Hire and Their Responsibilities

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There are many different options available to you when looking to staff your next catering event. Some of the most recommended and valuable staff members for these type of events are the following:

  • Waitstaff - They greet your guests, take drink and food orders (if required), serve the food, clean and maintain the table service, and provide high-quality customer service with a smile to your guests.

  • Bussers - clear, clean, and reset tables and other dining areas. Maintain the cleanliness of the event space including the main dining area, restrooms, and any other space you delineate as being part of their responsibility.
Bartenders - Greet guests, create drinks per order or pre-established drinks from your menu, set up the bar area, and maintain cleanliness and orderliness of the area.
Barbacks - assist the bartenders with setting up the bar area, keeping the bar area clean, restocking the bar with glassware, beverages and mixers, garnishes, and any other item pertaining to the bar that needs replenishing.

How to Find Catering Staff for Hire in LA
and Not Regret It Later

In order to hire catering staff perfect for you requires doing your homework and seeking out a great catering staffing agency - checking reviews and recommendations on Google, calling different agencies and asking questions about the different services they provide, and then comparing, and asking around to see locally who people depend on for repeat staffing. Google reviews will signal to you not only how previous clients feel about a company, but oftentimes, staff members do reviews as well and you can gain valuable insight into how well the staff likes their job. Happy employees make for a great company, which means more often than not, that you will get great customer service and results.

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