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How to Choose a Catering Staffing Agency in Miami

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / April 23rd, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
You have the perfect menu in place with the right amount of appetizers, a delectable main course, and a jaw-dropping gorgeous array of desserts just waiting to be displayed proudly to your clients' guests. But here is the cliffhanger - you have no one with which you can serve this Michelin Star-worthy, Top Chef competition material, 5-course meal, in all of Miami.

So your next priority lies in finding the very best servers for hire through a highly acclaimed catering staffing agency right in Miami, Florida.
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Problems that Сatering Staffing Agencies Solve

So many things can go wrong when it comes to catering events, as anyone in the business if you ask them what they are, will immediately start to rattle them all off into infinitum. But when you work with a reliable and professional catering staffing agency, that seemingly endless list of problems will just fade away like a distant memory.

Here are a few of the biggest problems that a catering staffing agency can solve immediately:

  • Vetting Talent - You want to be sure that your catering wait staff is not only experienced in working catering events BUT are actually as experienced as their resume claims them to be. With an agency, it is in their best interest to fully verify a candidate's background and job references to ensure they are getting the most capable talent on their team.
catering staffing agency in miami
JV Waitstaff in Miami
  • Knowing How Many Catering Staff to Hire - Depending on the venue, style of event, and how extravagant or simple the menu is, will all factor into how many servers for catering events you will require. An experienced and knowledgeable catering staffing agency will be able to make accurate recommendations for staffing your event.
  • Providing Excellent Customer Service - When you hire your staffing for events through a trusted agency, you are getting talent that knows exactly how to treat the guests, the quality of service that is not only expected but is automatic in their job performance, and an above-and-beyond attitude about hospitality service to guests.

Not All Сatering Staffing Agencies Are the Same

Just like anything else in life, no two people are alike, and no two catering staffing agencies are alike either. Some agencies have more experience than others. Some provide training to their staff and others do not. Some utilize no discernment when selecting their talent, and some only hire 7% of the applicants that come their way! When you look at your choices of staffing agencies, look carefully at the way they recruit, and how they develop their team.

What to Look for When Choosing a Catering Staffing Agency in Miami

catering staffing agency in miami
Serving with a smile is our speciality
Here are some of the top contending WOW factors when finding the best event staffing agency in Miami.

  • Uniform Selection Available - An agency that provides not only their own uniforms for the staff to wear but offers a variety of different styles and formality in uniforms to choose from, is aces!
  • Google Those Reviews! - It seems almost too easy, but it's one of the best defining factors of a business's health is its client and staff reviews on google. Check out the comments to see how many positive reviews they get, and how they handle the negative reviews.
  • Personalized Account Handlers - It is stressful to go through the hiring process alone, so find an agency that offers you personalized one-on-one care with an Account Executive or other similar staff member, that can help you through and through, answer questions and give specific recommendations.
  • Top Model Quality Talent - If you want your events to be of a certain caliber of service and impress your guests, finding an agency that offers elegant and poised professional staffing services is a dream come true.
  • Immediate Quotes - Budgets reign supreme in all event coordination. Having an agency that understands the importance of this in your planning process and offers you immediate quotes for services rendered, is an absolute necessity

What Makes Julia Valler Event Staffing Different from Other Agencies in Miami

Our staff is not only carefully recruited and tested for their skill sets, but they are provided with additional ample training to provide the superior services that Julia Valler promises and provides to our clients.

Our agency was founded by a passionate female entrepreneur who spent years in the industry, who was then joined by other like-minded and talented individuals to launch Julia Valler in NYC back in 2013.

The years of dedication to service and client satisfaction have paid off as our agency has expanded outside of the limits and lights of NYC, with 2 new sister locations here in Miami, FL, and also now in Los Angeles, CA.

Our agency has had the continuous honor of working with big-name clients such as Chanel, Coach, Ferrari, Tiffany & Co., The MET, as well as a large variety of top celebrity events.
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