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How to Hire Elite Catering Staff in LA

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / November 25th, 2022 / ~ 6 minutes read
Every grand catering event needs to be paired not only with delectable and savory foods but with the finest catering staff in LA as well. Why go to the lengths of coordinating a menu that will make everyone's mouth water, when you have no reliable means to serve that sumptuous feast to your guests?

A catering event is more than a menu, it's about an experience, and the very last thing you want your guests to experience from your catering event is disappointment. So don't put all of your event planning budget solely into the food and invest nothing into the service. This spells out disaster, and can easily be avoided with the right team of professional catering staff to save the day.

What is Elite Catering Staff from Julia Valler

Catering staff
Our agency provides the highest caliber of service and professionalism, making all others pale in comparison. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering guest services that many other agencies simply do not.

We source our talent by using very thorough vetting processes to only select those individuals who have the experience, skill sets, industry passion, and reliability to do their jobs well.

Here are some of the ways our agency stands out as a top-notch catering staffing agency in Los Angeles:
    Model Quality Staff - Our agency provides model bartenders and wait staff. Impressions matter when you want to impress your guests. Our elegant catering staff will make your event stand out as one to remember.
    Experienced and Trained Staff - We source only the finest skilled catering staff talent and provide in-depth additional training to bring them to our agency's standards.
    Fluent English, Often Multilingual - All of our catering staff speak English fluently and we also often hire multinationals who speak a variety of languages. They are beneficial to clients who may have international guests who would benefit from staff members who are multilingual.
    Polite, helpful, and reliable staff - Our catering staff never disappoints with the great lengths they go to satisfy the guests and create memorable occasions.

    Feel the difference with Julia Valler Event Staffing

    Our clients immediately feel the difference when they choose to source their catering staff with our agency. We have been in the business of staffing events since our company first began in NYC in 2013.

    We define our services by offering valuable services to our clients such as:
    • W2 employees for hire - No need to stress yourself with contract employees all of our staff are W2 hired employees.
    • Immediate Quotes Available - We understand a budget is important and will provide you with an immediate quote.
    • Uniform Options - We offer several options on uniforms to match your event style.
      julia valler event staffing los angeles
      Julia and Nick, Founders of Julia Valler Event Staffing
      • Available to You Anytime - Staffing emergencies happen, and our agency is available to you anytime to provide you with great service
      • Online Staffing Selection - Appreciate the ease of selecting your staff virtually from our website. View their photos and resumes to find the right match for your event!
      If you are looking for top-shelf event staffing in LA, then you need the professional services that Julia Valler Staffing Agency has to offer. You will be amazed at the difference our catering staff will make with your event!
      Give us a call today to book your catering staff today!
      Where is Your Next Event?
      Our event staffing services go beyond the borders of Los Angeles and expand into the surrounding communities of LA county.

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