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All the Benefits of Model Bartender Service in NYC

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / December 22th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
When it comes to great service, skills, experience, and savviness in the hospitality field are all important factors when looking for bartenders for hire. However, model bartenders in NYC have all that AND more.

A model bartender in NYC is the way to go to get your event the attention and wow factor that you want. People will be drawn to the visual appeal of your beautiful bar, expertly crafted savory drinks, accompanied by a stunning-looking model bartender in NYC standing right behind it.

Not sure how a model bartender in NYC can really make a difference in your next event? We have all the reasons detailed for you that you don't want to miss.

What is a Model Bartender?

model bartender nyc

A model bartender in NYC is something that will immediately make your event stand out in the memories of your guests. Many of these bartenders look like celebrity superstars themselves! With personalities loaded with charisma, well-groomed and elegant appearances, matched with a face that no one will forget.

Most model bartenders in NYC are professional actors, dancers, or models by day, and due to these other professional pursuits, they have the experience of speaking daily with different people every day without shyness, are extroverted and engaging, are able to memorize information and give full details, and are at the same time, first-rate bartenders that can whip up a drink that will be a show stopper
    Why You Should Hire a Model Bartender to Work Your Party in NYC
    There are innumerable ways that a model bartender in NYC hired to work your party will benefit you greatly. We will just highlight some of the top reasons.
    First Impressions Matter - As soon as your guests enter your party they will be blown away by the great care you took to hire top-tier staffing for events. Not only did you bring a full bar, stocked to the tilt, but you hired a bartender that is talented and looks like they stepped off of a movie set.

    Promote Your Brand - If this event is a corporate party, then employing the use of a model bartender in NYC will become part of your brand image and cast it in a very positive light to your guests.
    Eloquent by Nature - Due to bartenders' other professional pursuits by day, they are extremely gifted at speaking openly and easily with the guests and being a people pleasers. They are used to having to self-promote on a daily basis for acting or modeling gigs, so working in hospitality, they are comfortable getting people to feel immediately comfortable and happy in their presence.

    Julia Valler Provides Top-Notch Model Bartenders in NYC

    model bartender nyc
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