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Party Servers for Christmas and New Year's Eve in Los Angeles

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / December 21st, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
When it comes to ringing in the Christmas season and New Year, nothing spells out P-A-R-T-Y quite like festivities that employ the use of party servers in Los Angeles.

Why you may ask? Because people want to be pampered and treated to a fun and exciting excursion from their daily existence. Holidays have the average person at this time of year running around in circles to decorate their homes, finish buying Christmas presents, and a number of other stressful obligations.

So when those same people get invited to your holiday bash, they want to feel like they can have a good time and enjoy themselves completely and release all of that pent-up holiday anxiety.

This is where party servers in Los Angeles truly shine. They will treat your party guests like royalty, by giving them their undivided attention, anticipating their needs, providing them with their knowledge and expertise on food and beverages, and overall displaying impeccable hospitality that will make your guests feel both impressed and appreciated!
What is the Responsibility of Party Servers
The main responsibilities that party servers in Los Angeles will have is the following:
Pre-event Preparations - You can rest assured knowing that when you hire party staff in LA, they will get right down to brass tacks in getting your event started on the right foot. This includes setting up any banquet items, server stations, table arrangement and settings, polishing glassware and silverware, folding napkins, detailing tables, and making sure all of the required event necessities pertaining to the food service are ready to go ahead of your event start time.
Hospitality and Food Service - Party servers in Los Angeles will greet your guests as they arrive, assist them with finding their table seating, offer them any pre-established appetizers or drinks if required, and commence with food ordering or food service depending on your event style (banquet, buffet, etc.) Throughout the event, they will be ready at the beck and call of your guest's needs with a smile and a passion for service excellence.
Event Break Down - When you hire professional party servers in Los Angeles, they know that as your event is winding down, to start breaking down what event items they can. They will carefully start pre-cleaning certain items and event areas so that the task of fully cleaning up after your event is less daunting all at once.

How to Find Party Servers in Los Angeles at the Last Minute

Now with the holidays right around the corner, many may be wondering how to go about finding the best party servers in Los Angeles and FAST! We know that many take the alleged easy route of trying to quickly find waitstaff for hire on an online gig site. However, don't fall for that trap! Sure, you may find someone who is desperately looking for work and will jump at the chance to work your holiday party, but you may be putting your event in peril by impulse hiring a stranger who you have no way of verifying their experience, skills, or background. You could end up with a holiday party to remember for all of the wrong reasons.

Your best course of action is to hire talent through a renowned and widely respected agency that specializes in staffing for events. An agency has a large pool of talent and is ready at a moment's notice to provide clients with last-minute event staff in LA that is highly qualified, and guarantees your event to run its course successfully from start to finish.

About Julia Valler Party Staff in Los Angeles

Our agency has long been considered the one-stop shop for holiday party staffing in Los Angeles. Since 2013, our event staff has been making Christmas, New Year, and any other holiday event imaginable, a next-level experience for both clients and guests alike. The detailed attention and passion our party staff in Los Angeles possess is something that no other agency can compete with. It's no wonder that our agency proudly holds a 98% client retention rate!

Find out why our event staffing services are in high demand by some of the biggest-name clients in the world: Chanel, Coach, Tiffany & Co., Ferrari, Disney, and more!
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