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10 Traits of the Perfect Event Servers for Hire

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / February 4th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Finding perfect event servers for hire in Miami is something that is better left to the professionals. Last thing you want to do is try to take this task upon yourself. Whether you are an event planner, restaurant, or hotel looking to beef up your roster, or a catering company looking to staff your next gig, you need to find qualified and experienced talent in Miami and also verify that experience before your event begins. This can be difficult on your own, whereas an experienced and tenured event staffing agency does this leg work for you!
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What are the 10 Traits You Should You Look For in Event Servers for Hire?

servers for hire in miami
It comes down to these top 10 qualities in finding banquet servers for hire, waitstaff for hire, wedding servers for hire, or any other event staffing in Miami.
1. Attention to Microscopic Detail

You want someone who gets almost granular on the details of your event. You want your servers to be following the event timeline to a "T", knows the menu backward and forwards, and is ALL about the guests and providing exemplary service.
2. Service Oriented

Your ideal staffing for events is finding a waiter or waitress for hire who shudder at the thought of water stains on silverware and glassware. Who feels it is their personal responsibility to make the guests feel welcome and well informed of everything about the menu, the sauces, the sides, and what they should be pairing with their meal. You want someone who knows what a wine key is, and the number 86 holds a significant and stressful meaning in their hearts.
3. Dalai Llama Level Patience

Guests come in all shapes and sizes and temperaments. Sometimes you get wonderful guests, and sometimes you get people who think that a server is another way of saying servant and treat them as such. This requires the professionalism and sage wisdom of a server who has been around the block more than once. You need someone who can bite their tongue, smile, and then once in the safety and distance of the kitchen, muffle their screams of frustration into the quiet walls of the walk-in cooler.
servers for hire in miami
4. Manages Time Like a Boss

Your ideal event server for hire, knows how to time an event and it's food courses without rushing the guest along.They should know intuitively the difference between when a guest is playing with their food and is actually ready for the next course and when they are actually still eating and pushing a next course on them would raise cane. A really good server can determine how long between appetizers and entrees and then entrees and dessert and coffee.
5. Eyes On the Back Of Their Head

Knows when a water glass is getting empty and either refills it themselves or asks a busser to take care of it. Anticipates the guest's needs and provides whatever that need is before the guest even has to ask. Can sense when their table needs their attention and when they just want to be left alone in conversation. Sees a dropped napkin, crumbs on the floor, spilled glass, and has it cleaned up either themselves or with the aid of the bussers.
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6. Dream Team Member

You want someone who has a genuine and congenial personality who works well and easily with the rest of the team on hand. They go out of their way to help and assist when needed without being asked. They care about the good of the team versus seeking out their own personal gain.

7. Photographic Memory

An ideal event server for hire is someone who can retain incredible amounts of information and know what drink and what food goes to what individual. Especially at large events, this skill is critical. Oftentimes, when an event server is getting something for one of their tables, they are stopped for a drink order or other request from another guest along the way, and they need to remember their tables needs plus any other requests they take.
8. Pressed and Dressed

Having dedication and obsession for crisp uniforms that are not only clean but spotless, is a highly desirable quality in an event server for hire. You want to hire an individual who not only exudes confidence in their own appearance but dresses the part when they come to your event.
9. All-Encompassing Beverage Knowledge

It is part of an event server's job to try to guide the guest along and to enhance their dining experience. Having the right wine, beer, or liquor knowledge to expertly suggest to the guest the right drink match what they are eating, is priceless.
10. Foodie Snob

They've eaten it all, paired it all, dined it all, and know what is amazing and what is less than and aren't afraid to share that knowledge. They are constantly talking about amazing new dishes they tried and what's the go-to restaurant in town. They love to share their fanaticism for good food and drink with everyone they know and are full of passion about it.
servers for hire in miami
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