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How to Hire Servers for Summer Wedding in Miami

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / July 16th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
If you are planning a summer wedding in Miami, then you are going to need to start looking for wedding servers to work your event. Finding the best and most experienced servers for hire is crucial when planning a wedding reception. Hiring professional wedding servers means the difference between a successful event and a total disaster.

What Servers for Summer Weddings Should Know and be Able to Do

Due to the sunshine and great weather, summer weddings are often held outdoors where everyone can be surrounded by nature's beauty. Unfortunately, surrounding oneself in nature also means accounting for the unwanted aspects of the great outdoors.

Professional wedding servers must be able to work in outdoor conditions that include being in the sun for prolonged periods of time, working on a beach with sand, dealing with wind, a random rain shower that can start, and of course everyone's favorite, bugs.

Because nature can be unpredictable at times, truly experienced wedding servers will be able to think quickly on their feet and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. This means staying hydrated when it is hot outside, making sure that the guests are also never without a full water glass, having napkins under all cold drinks so the sweat from the glass doesn't create puddles on the tables, being extra careful carrying a tray of drinks across the sand and not tripping over one's feet, having quick reflexes to move food or tables to get under cover in case a sudden summer shower opens up, making sure that no bugs have landed in peoples drinks, covering unattended drinks with cocktail napkins to prevent bugs from dropping in, and replacing any dirtied drinks with fresh drinks when necessary.

These and many more environmental issues can and will occur when having an outdoor wedding. This is part and partial to what wedding servers are capable of handling on the go.
How to Hire Well -Trained Wedding Servers in Miami
There are many different outlets that one can source when looking to hire reputable and highly skilled wedding servers in Miami. The best choice across the board however to find event staff in Miami is to hire you through an agency that specializes in staffing for events, specifically wait for staff.

About JV Event Staffing

Julia Valler is considered one of the top event staffing agencies in Miami. Our reputation for providing hospitality service excellence is why we have been at the top of our industry for the last decade. As an event staffing agency, we pride ourselves on selecting only the finest staffing talent to provide to our clients. We guarantee high-end service and professionalism at all times.
Our claim to client success is easily measured in our 98% client retention rate, a percentage unheard of by our competitors.

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