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Event Servers For Hire in Miami

event servers for hire near me
The best option for finding servers for hire in Miami is with Julia Valler Staffing Agency.
If you are planning a private event in Miami or are an event planner by trade, you may have wondered, "How can I find Event Servers For Hire Near Me?".

It's a necessary and very important part of any event, having the right waitstaff at the helm to make sure your day goes by smoothly without a hitch.

There are many options you can choose from to staff your event. You can put out an advertisement for recruiting individuals through a gig site, you can get recommendations from friends and family — you can try many numerous ways to hire on your own.

But the truth is, all of these methods put yourself at an extraordinary amount of risk for the day of your event.

Eliminating the What-If Factor

Next time you ask yourself, "How can I find event servers for hire near me?", tell yourself that you need to find a place that already does the hard part of hiring talent for you. Here at Julia Valler Staffing Agency, for the last 13 years, we have served NYC and now Miami in eliminating the What-If factor in event staffing. No longer do individuals have to put themselves in extenuating circumstances when looking to hire waitstaff for an important day.

With our event staffing agency, the hard part has been done for you. We have a very thorough and selective recruitment process. Only about 7% of the applicants we review are actually hired. This means that we are looking for very particular work experience, knowledge, job reviews, and professional behaviour.

Our staff has been vetted and also has had their backgrounds checked. They are outstanding performers and extremely reliable in their professionalism. This means you do not have to wonder, "What if the waitstaff doesn't show up on time or at all?"

This will not be the case with our talent. We guarantee they will show up on time, fully dressed and looking elegant in their uniforms, ready to get to work immediately. Because of our large talent pool within our event staffing agency, we are able to quickly and effortlessly fill in any spots, whether one of our own team members takes ill, or perhaps you have hired from an outside source, or you have your own internal waitstaff, and they either don't show up or call out sick. That is when you really need a reliable staffing agency to help out. We are available for any last-minute emergency staffing needs, we know that due to the very nature of the industry, and the high turnover rates that restaurants and other hospitality businesses face, that having enough waitstaff can be an issue.

What Type of Event Servers For Hire Near Me Are There?

Our event staffing agency has servers of all types depending on the nature of your event, we can supply whomever you need. Whether you need banquet servers, cocktail servers, bartenders, or any other type of staff, once you decide to use our agency, our knowledgeable account executives will guide you through the hiring process effortlessly.

Our event staff has experience in working with private events, corporate events, and promotional events. Depending on the size of your guest list, we will help you to determine the best number of staff members and support staff you will need for your big day. Give us a call or visit us online as soon as your event date is decided upon!
Hire your event servers now at Julia Valler Event Staffing - Miami

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