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Top 5 Catering Tips

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / December 23rd, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
If you are looking for some catering tips for your event, we have all of the best ones that will make your catering event stand out from the others and be set up for success! Catering staff issues are one of the biggest reasons why most catering events end up in disaster. But there are many other pieces of advice beyond just sourcing the best catering staff, that can be of help to your event.

When it comes to catering events, there are certain qualities that will be appealing to the guests and make your events something that your guests will remember fondly. Catering staff is the deliverers of your magnum opus in food and beverage, and without them, your catering event will not be fully realized. The food could be master chef quality, but if the service is poor, people will leave your catering event disappointed.

Let's jump into our top tips so you can rest easy knowing your catering event is going to be legendary!

What to Look for When Choosing a Catering Staffing Agency in Miami

Tip #1: Details Matter
Paying attention to all of the finer details and intricacies of your catering event means the difference between success and failure. If you are hiring a caterer for your event, you need to make sure they are listening to what you want and not just telling you how it's going to be. Get the catering service that you envision for your event and do not accept any substitutions.
Tip #2: Organization is Key
Without a good plan, everything will fall apart. Knowing how the catering event timeline will play out. What are the different stages of courses, and what needs to be remembered for each one that is pivotal? What about the venue, is there anything there that is missing that they do not offer that you need for your catering event? Do they supply their own catering staff or do you need to source your own servers for catering events?
Tip #3: Good Communication Always
Having the ability to easily convey your thoughts and needs at any point during your catering event is an absolute necessity. You need to be able to tell your catering staff about the pertinent details of the event you want them to handle. You have to be able to speak with your guests to handle any special requests they may have at the last minute. Without good communication skills, you are setting yourself up for a less-than-pleasing event.
Tip #4 Food and People Lover
You need to really have a passion for all things catering, which means you obviously need to be a foodie, and you really want to please your guests so you just absolutely love people! These qualities are what set apart mediocre catering events from stellar ones.
Tips # 5 Pay Attention to Catering Staff
Having a good handle on how your catering staff is working, and what level of service is being provided to your guests throughout your event is critical. To make your catering event more relaxing for you, you need to hire top-notch catering staff talent so that you can rest easy knowing that your guests' needs are being attended to by dedicated service professionals, so you can focus on other important tasks.

Where to Find First Class Catering Staff in Miami

When looking for event staffing in Miami, you need to source the reputable services of a well-known and respected catering staffing agency. Julia Valler has the experience and knowledge of handling many catering events with equally knowledgeable event staff, ready to jump in and make your catering event one of the finest in Miami!

Our elite staffing for events is hand-picked with great care so that we are only selecting the top talent in the Miami area to provide service excellence to our clients and our clients' guests. We only hire about 7% of the hundreds of applicant hopefuls we receive to gain employment with our agency.

Find out how our catering staff can make your next catering event a breeze! Give us a call today and one of our account executives will help you get started.
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