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Promotional Modeling in Houston

Discover the dynamic realm of promotional modeling in the bustling city of Houston. Each day, a multitude of events in Houston and our other locations in NYC, LA, Chicago, and Miami provide opportunities for engaging promo models. From store openings to product launches and street fairs, brands opt for our skilled professional promotional models to captivate audiences and ignite interest in their offerings.

Our personable and knowledgeable promo models for hire serve as exceptional representatives of your brand, engaging with the public and fostering curiosity about your products. Whether you're seeking promotional modeling in Houston or any of our other locations, Julia Valler Event Staffing is your go-to resource for connecting with well-trained professionals who can attract the right kind of attention to elevate your brand's success.

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Hi, my name is Kerwyn. I am the Account Manager at Julia Valler Event Staffing.

Ready to take your brand to new heights in Houston? Don't miss out on the power of promotional modeling. Reach out now to discuss your specific needs and discover how our talented models can help drive your success.

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Elevate Your Brand with Captivating Promotional Modeling in Houston

Engage Promotional Models

Enlist the services of our esteemed promotional models to exemplify and endorse your unique brand and products. Our roster boasts seasoned, dynamic, captivating, and dedicated promo models, determined to craft an extraordinary encounter for your valued customers.

Our proficient promotional staff in Houston have graced product demonstrations, facilitated sampling initiatives, adorned retail establishments, and made a lasting impact at exhibitions. Combining intellect with allure, every team member invests time in acquiring comprehensive knowledge about your brand and offerings, ensuring a remarkable experience at every event.
Registration Attendants

Frequently, the initial encounters your esteemed guests have are with our registration attendants. Our personable and skilled models are adept at efficiently checking in and registering your guests, utilizing both traditional paper lists and cutting-edge electronic devices. Additionally, they are proficient in distributing badges and pertinent event details.

Over the years, we have collaborated with distinguished organizations including Disney, the United Nations Foundation, Guinness World Records, Cosmopolitan, and Oracle, establishing our expertise and reliability.

Regardless of the scale, be it a gathering of 10 or a grand affair of 10,000, our dedicated registration staff is poised to warmly greet your attendees and ensure a seamless check-in process, leaving a lasting impression.

Charming greeters, Hostesses, & Doormen

Among the final details often overlooked, hosts, hostesses, greeters, and doormen serve as the understated yet impactful embellishment that elevates your event.

Positioned strategically, they embody a profound understanding of your brand and occasion, standing at the forefront, poised to graciously receive guests and guide them to designated areas or extend a courteous hand at the door.

A timeless adage echoes in our approach: you have only one opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Hence, delight your attendees with our extraordinary models, who boast a remarkable portfolio featuring renowned brands such as Nike, Rolex, Arc'teryx, Dove, Polaroid, and many more!

How to Book Promo Models in Houston

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Why Choose Us

At Julia Valler Staffing, we take pride in delivering exceptional promotional models for hire. Our offerings include:
  • Online Photo & Video Model Selection
    Preview and select models that match your preferred parameters from the comfort of your home or office by viewing a custom-tailored presentation with the photos and videos of the candidates. If you prefer to be fully hands-off, we can select the models for you according to the criteria you give us.
  • Carefully Chosen Roster
    Only about 5% of all applicants join our roster. We thoughtfully select the most skillful, personable, and talented candidates with at least 1 year of relevant prior experience. The majority of our Promotional Models in Miami and New York City also works as print and runway models, actors, dancers, and other creatives. Many of them have received professional voice and speaking training.
  • Employees, not independent contractors
    Other staffing agencies will usually send you independent contractors. Our Promotional Models are W2 employees of our company who work with us long-term and are required to uphold the highest performance standards to maintain their employment.
  • Insurance
    As employees, our Models are insured and the liability for their safety is on us, not on you. That includes workers' compensation, liquor liability, general liability, and umbrella policies.
  • Uniforms
    We have a versatile selection of standard uniforms to choose from. We can also accommodate requests for branded attire or specific uniforms for the occasion.
  • Your trusted Account Executive
    From the first conversation and until the post-event wrap up, you will be connected to our Account Executive who will take care of all your staffing needs, answer your questions, and guide you through the process.

Customer Service Vision

Our Goal: Make sure that when you think Event you think — Julia Valler.
We at Julia Valler want to make your event one that you can remember. When you turn to us you turn to highly skilled and trained professionals who will make sure your event is not only perfect every time but the process of making it perfect was a breeze.

  • 1
    Happy faces
    Assisting others brings us joy. Each time we connect with you, anticipate genuine grins and a friendly greeting from our team.
  • 2
    All Inclusive Service
    Our services are always open to everyone. You can anticipate receiving an exceptional level of service and the highest caliber of treatment from the beginning of your event till its completion.
  • 3
    Our goal is to assist you in every way possible. Count on us to dedicate our efforts to locate the necessary resources and materials to fulfill your requirements.
  • 4
    Accommodating approach
    We acknowledge that you may have unique requirements. Count on us to take your situation into account and show flexibility whenever possible.
  • 5
    Honest Company Values
    We will stand by you and honor our professional obligations. We'll always keep you informed of our decision-making process and rationale.
  • 6
    Polite and Immediate Response
    While addressing your requirements, we will uphold professional relationships with all our clients. We will work together with you and attentively consider your input to explore novel and improved approaches.
We will do everything to make sure that when you think Event you think — Julia Valler.
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