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5 Skills of a Great Bartender for Events

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / April 24th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
When you look for a bartender for events, it can sometimes get complicated as to what you should seek out as far as their skill sets. Bartenders come in all shapes and sizes and experience levels, and weeding out the weak from the strong is important if you want to find the best possible bartending for events.

Why Professional Bartender is a Must-Have for Any Event in LA

bartender for events in la
Model Bartenders in Los Angeles
If you are looking for bartender services in Los Angeles, you must look for professional and experienced event bartenders to guarantee a certain level of service to your guests.

The very last thing you want is to hire a bartender for a party, and not find out until the day of your event, that the experience they claimed on their resume is not up to par.

So you need to hire a well-tenured, trained, and highly competent bartender for events to not only give yourself some peace of mind but also make sure your event is in good hands.

      What are the Main Skills of a Great Bartender for Events

      The top 5 main skills that you should expect out of any great bartender for events are the following:
        1. Professional Demeanor & Appearance - They should be mature, professional in attitude and behavior, and be ready to work in a clean and pressed uniform.

        2. Excellent Customer Service - They need to be ready, attentive, and able to anticipate the guest's needs before they express them. Knowing a drink needs refilling before being asked, seeing that their water glass is getting low and filling it ahead of time, etc.

        3. Drink Repertoire - They must have at least 20-30 standard popular drinks under their belt, ready to whip out at a moment's notice and be made accurately.
        4. Ability to Multitask - You need someone who can juggle several responsibilities at once. More often than not, a bartender is required to make a drink, while taking a drink order from someone else, and at the same time giving out the correct change to someone closing out their tab. This is imperative to keep the speed of service flowing at the bar.

        5. Warm & Outgoing Personality - A bartender is the social focal point of an event and also a restaurant, club, and even a hotel. Their ability to talk easily with the guests, and create a sense of trust and community is essential to having an amazing bartender.

        Where to Find the Perfect Bartender for Events in Los Angeles

        The most assured way to find the best bartenders for hire in Los Angeles is to go through a trusted and reputable agency that specializes in staffing for events. An agency does all the hard work of vetting and finding top experienced bartenders and other types of waitstaff for hire, in order to provide their clients with the best possible staffing options for events.
          bartender for events in la
          Staff you can trust with any event

          How to Choose Bartenders from
          Julia Valler Event Staffing in LA

          bartender for events in la
          JV Event Staff in Los Angeles
          At Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency, we offer remote talent selection options to our clients. You can review our large roster of talents' online photos, video clips, and resumes, in order to handpick the exact talent for your event.

          You can also speak with one of our eager and professional Account Executives, who are on standby to take your call and assist you with our hiring process from start to finish.

          Give us a call today to find out why we are considered the leading source for bartenders for events and other Los Angeles event staff!
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