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Bartender Services In Los Angeles: What You Need to Know About

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / March, 3rd, 2022 / ~ 10 minutes read
If you have ever wondered what you would need to know in order to hire bartender services in Los Angeles then you are in the right place. Hiring professional bartenders is something that will not only guarantee you a certain level of service for your guests but is also a way to put your own mind at ease.

What are the Types of Bartender Services?

All too often bartenders are thrown together under one umbrella of the title 'Bartender', when in fact there are different types of bartending services that differ from bartender to bartender and depend on the event or business type as to which one you will seek out to hire.

Mixologist Bartender - This type of bartender is one who covets special drink recipes they have come up with and experimented with at length. They are on par with a culinary chef who comes up with drinkable masterpieces that have…interesting effects on us. This type of bartender can be found working in top restaurants or bars who want creativity and talent to constantly be changing up their drink menu and perhaps garner renown and a loyal following for their business.
The Flair Bartender - This special breed of bartender is all about tricks and flips and "oohs" and "ahhhs" from their audience. They are a performance specialty bartender that can make you an amazing drink, but instead of that drink being made in 20 seconds, it's going to take a good solid 5 minutes after all the flipping and twirling are finished. This is a great talent to have at a party or some time of space where time is not necessarily of the essence and you just want someone to put on a good show. In other words, they do well in spaces where entertainment is the focus. This is not to say that this type of bartender can not be a great mixologist too, because they can, they are just known for this extra ability and are sought out for it.
'Speedy Gonzalez' Bartender - Now this type of bartender is someone you want to have in a busy bar or club setting. Not only are they really skilled and experienced, but they are the kind of bartender that prides themselves on being faster than anyone else. Picture a shaker in each hand being shaken simultaneously while they are taking 5 drink orders. This is a great asset to have on your team where the speed of service is critical to meet the demand.

What Occasions Can Bartender Services
Be Used For?

There are many different types of occasions and reasons that you would need to find bartenders for hire in Los Angeles. It does not limit itself to large functions such as corporate events, galas, weddings, and banquets. You can find bartender services in Los Angeles for any type of smaller or more intimate gathering. You can seek out bartenders for private parties like birthdays, engagement parties, bridal showers, and more!
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    Is Bartending Considered Food Service?

    Bartenders on many different occasions will need to do more than just serve amazing drinks. They may be required at different venues to serve food to guests as well. Either at the bar, bar tables, or other established areas for food service that the bartenders are responsible for taking menu orders from. Many times professional bartenders will not only have the required certification to handle and serve alcohol, but they also have food safety certifications the same as servers do as well.

    How Many Bartenders Needed Per Guest?

    When seeking out bartending services in Los Angeles, you want to know just how many you will need to hire in advance. The last thing you want is to hire too little or too many. The answer to this question typically depends on what kind of bar service you are offering and how large your guest list is anticipated to be. You don't want to overwhelm your bartender with just too many drink requests that they can't possibly handle by themselves. The rule of thumb is as follows:
    • Wine/Beer Bar - 1 Bartender for 75 guests
    • Full Bar - 1 Bartender for 50 guests

    About Julia Valler Bartending Services in LA

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    Julia Valler is a top agency specializing in staffing for events in Los Angeles. We are known for providing exceptional service and unparalleled quality to our clients. With years of experience in the industry, Julia Valler's bartending services have become the go-to choice for anyone looking for top-notch bartenders for their events.

    Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, gala, fashion show, intimate gathering, or any other type of event, Julia Valler's event staffing in Los Angeles has got you covered. Our team of highly trained and experienced bartenders is dedicated to ensuring that every guest at your event is satisfied with the drinks and service they receive.

    Ready to learn more about our bartending services for hire in LA? Contact one of our Account Executives and we will walk you through our entire hiring process!
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