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Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / May 26th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
If you have been trying to hire top talent in bartending in Los Angeles, it's pretty easy to recruit bartenders that have great skills. It's not an easy feat to be a bartender in a big city like Los Angeles. Most businesses and customers for those businesses demand certain skill sets and if the talent doesn't deliver, they aren't going to last very long in the industry.

There are some very specific pluses of hiring for bartending in Los Angeles that we will go over with you.

3 Distinct Traits of Bartending in LA

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Model Bartenders in Los Angeles
#1 Bartending in Los Angeles is like an art form. There are a lot of famous restaurants and clubs and the culture of LA is one that you either make it as a bartender or you don't.

Bartending has evolved from simply whipping something together to an actual culinary craft in and of itself. There is much more competition and a higher expectation of a bartender than in years gone by. As a result, in LA, there are some very impressive cocktail artists who create visually appealing and mouth-watering concoctions.
      #2 Bartenders in Los Angeles are usually also involved in the arts in some aspect. Either they work as actors, or models, or have some other aspiration by day and then they bartend on the side. This means you are getting people who have great social skills, are charismatic, and are looking for a flexible job to go around their personal interests.
      #3 Bartenders in LA love to chat and network. You never know who are you going to bump elbows with, and they have the gift of gab. They know how to keep a conversation flowing and how to deal with any type of personality that graces their bar stool.

      What Qualities Make a Good Bartender?

      A good bartender can be sometimes hard to come by, but there are some standard items to check off your list when looking to find bartenders for hire in Los Angeles.
        • Time Management Guru - They know how to adapt to the ebb and flow of different speeds of service. Keeping busy during slow times by cleaning, restocking, and prepping fresh garnishes and during peak service hours being able to crank out the drink orders without skipping a beat.

        • Friendly Outgoing Personality - A positive and friendly bartender who genuinely loves meeting new people and interacting with guests is who you want to operate your bar.
        • Multitasking is 2nd Nature - A bartender that can make a drink while taking a drink order and simultaneously be calculating someone's tab is who you want to hire. A busy bar with limited space and staff means a bartender needs to do many things at once.

        • Passionate and Knowledgeable - having someone behind your bar who is knowledgeable about their product, has a fantastic drink repertoire they can make blindfolded and is also excited to speak about it, is an excellent find.

        How JV Selects the Best Bartenders in LA

        Here at Julia Valler we take great care in selecting only the very best talent out of the multitudes of applicants we receive. We rely heavily on our company referral system, where our most trusted employees vouch for former coworkers who they feel would be a great addition to our team. All of our applicant's backgrounds, work experience, and behaviors are verified and then they go through a rigorous interview process where we test the specific skill sets they are claiming to have.
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          Staff you can trust with any event

          About Julia Valler Bartending Services in Los Angeles

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          JV Event Staff in Los Angeles
          We offer a range of services related to event staffing in LA for our clients that are highly beneficial to have for your event.

          We provide the following bartending services for events:

          • We can provide you with a liquor permit if you use Julia Valler to provide bar catering services when you hire one of our bartenders.

          • We offer different types of party bartender uniforms to choose from.

          • Our bartenders can assist with the event breakdown at its conclusion.

          • We can provide extra staffing if need be if your guest count suddenly increases.

            Where is Your Next Event?
            Our event staffing services go beyond the borders of Los Angeles and expand into the surrounding communities of LA county.
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