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Best Way to Hire Waitstaff in Los Angeles

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / July 13th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Have you ever wondered what exactly is the best way to hire waitstaff in Los Angeles? High turnover rates are a constant problem that pervades much of the hospitality industry.

Having an excellent source of reliable and skilled employees in order to hire waitstaff is worth its weight in gold by industry standards. Here we will review the pros and cons of common recruiting sources to help you decide the best way to find top waitstaff in Los Angeles.

#1 Hire Waitstaff Through a Gig Website

Hire waitstaff
Gig sites have their ups and downs. One of the most widely recognized meme sites is Craigslist. This is a job site that has helped many people hire waitstaff BUT there is no guarantee that the people you find are what you are looking for. There are other sites like Upwork, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. They are popular and heavily used by both employers and employees, but with this access to the multitudes, comes a multitude of issues.

Pros: Lots of employee applicants, ease of access online, and affordable.

Cons: Lottery when it comes to finding good candidates, no background check or work verification of applicants, you assume all of the risks.

      #2 Hire Waitstaff Through Acquaintances

      Another popular route that people take to hire waitstaff is by going through their contact list and seeing if anyone they know has a relative or close acquaintance who is a waiter or waitress. This option can be highly deceptive as you are taking the word of your friend that this person has experience waiting tables. What kind of experience? How good are they at it? These can be unanswered questions that may leave you hanging out to dry on your big day.

      Pros: You feel like you can trust the person as they were recommended by someone you know and trust. Free option to find talent.

      Cons: You can't assess their skills in advance, and you personally do not know them to verify their work experience or professionalism. If they are friends with your friend, when it comes to firing or disciplinary actions, you may feel uncomfortable doing so at the risk of jeopardizing your friendship with the referrer.
          Hire waitstaff

          #3 Hire Waitstaff Through an Agency

          Hire waitstaff
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          The last option that people use when looking to hire waitstaff is to find a solid agency that is known for providing exceptional staffing for events. You want to first find an agency that has longevity in the field of hospitality staffing services. Then you need to check out their google reviews to verify how clients and their own staff feel about the agency as a whole. This is a great way to narrow down your options to the top contenders. Then once you have a shortlist to go by, call the agencies up to compare and contrast their advantages.
          Pros: Agencies verify employment and all employees' backgrounds are verified. The agency assumes all the risk when it comes to the employees.

          Cons: Initial cost is more expensive, but the minimization of staffing problems due to working with a professional agency on having to rehire talent or deal with legal issues due to employee actions, actually lowers your overall costs and liabilities!

          Which Agency in LA to Entrust the Choice of Waitstaff for Your Party

          The best choice to hire waitstaff is to go through Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency. Our agency provides top-level party staff in Los Angeles for a number of hospitality industries. Our talent comes highly lauded by our clients for their professionalism, magnetic personalities, and unbeatable skill sets.

          About Julia Valler Event Staffing

          Julia Valler has built a reputation for being the most professional and reliable Los Angeles event staffing agency. Our agency cherry-picks only the most coveted hospitality talent to add to our amazing team of talent. Only 7% of the applicants that knock on our door, actually make the cut to join our staff. Our determination in selecting only the finest talent, has resulted in our top-tier staffing experiences for our clients. We proudly hold a 98% client retention rate, an unheard of percentage in the hospitality industry. This lets us know that we are doing a great job, and every day we strive to bring that number up to 100!

          Call us today to learn more about how to hire waitstaff from our agency in Los Angeles.
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