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How to Сhoose a Reliable Party Staff in LA

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / October 07th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Want to know how you can select the best party staff in Los Angeles for your next big event? There are many factors that you should consider so as to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your party planning.

The very first thing you need is to already have an idea of what kind of party you are looking to host. From there get an idea of your guest count in advance too, so you know how many party staff in Los Angeles you will need to hire. Next, decide on the kind of venue to book that would match the type of party you are seeking to host.

Once you have this initial party outline, you need to go out and find top party staff in Los Angeles to make this event one to remember, not one to regret.

How Your Party Can Turn Into a Disaster

Just when you think you've got everything set, the food for the party is ready and looking delicious, the entertainment is in place, the rentals have all arrived and are ready to be put in just the right locations, and then you realize that the party servers in LA that you hired on your own…didn't bother to show up.

This is just one of many common nightmarish scenarios that can befall an unlucky party planner. Another possibility is that the party staff DOES show up on time, but they have very little experience compared to what they claimed they had on their resume. They don't know how to carry a cocktail napkin much less a cocktail tray, and thus your party is a total disaster.

But don't panic! There is an easy solution that can eliminate any and all of these horrific party situations from even starting and give you the peace of mind you deserve. What you need is to find one of the top event staffing agencies to hire your party staff in Los Angeles.

    How to Сhoose Professional and Reliable Party Staff in Los Angeles

    Wondering how you are going to find an agency that provides the most experienced and professional party staff in Los Angeles?

    First, start off with doing a quick google search, and canvas the reviews to see how both the staff and clients feel about the company. Next, see if the agency has a solid history of being in this industry.
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    About Julia Valler Party Staff in Los Angeles

    Party staff
    Model Event Staff in Los Angeles

    Julia Valler has been the leading source of staffing for events for nearly a full decade. Our legacy in the hospitality industry is our long-time commitment to exceeding our client's expectations and delivering top-quality results.

    Our agency began first in NYC, and due to our company's immense success, we have opened 2 other locations in Miami and Los Angeles.

    We provide model-quality party staff to our clients of all calibers. Some of our big-name clients include Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Coach, Ferrari, Disney, The MET, and more!

    Why JV Party Staff?

    Our Los Angeles event staff are some of the finest industry talents in the city of LA and surrounding areas. We thoroughly vet our recruited talent to verify their background and work experience, and further groom, train, and coach our team members so that all of our staff are providing service excellence at the same level.

    Ready to find out more information about how to go about hiring party staff in Los Angeles from our agency? Contact us today to learn how!
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