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Event Hostess: What Kind of Profession, Main Responsibilities

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / June 16th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
If you are unsure what an event hostess is and what their responsibilities are, in this article we will go over in detail what is expected of this important event staff member, and what their job-specific duties are.

Event Hostess - What Kind of Profession is This

event hostess
An event hostess is an industry-tailored event professional who greets guests warmly as they arrive at an event space (ie. banquet room, restaurant, hotel, and other event venues) and guides the guests to where the event initiates or directs them to their assigned tables if applicable.

The event hostess in LA is an important part of the event, in order to ensure your guests feel welcome and they are not clogging up the entranceway to your event, not sure where they are supposed to go.

The event hostess must be exceedingly well-mannered, sociable, well-groomed, and organized. They are the first impression that your guests will obtain from your event, so make it your best impression!

At times the hostess keeps the event moving along, acts as a social butterfly to entertain the guests, and coordinates the assigning of important event tasks to other staff members.
      It is usually females that are selected for this role, but males are often considered too.

      Hostesses were formerly only thought of when boarding a plane or when people went to a fancy restaurant, but over the years, hostesses have been used for everything from gov't agencies, to hotels, to trade shows, and more!

      Personal Qualities of an Event Hostess

      An event hostess must have certain attributes to be successful in this job position, these include:
      • Appealing or attractive appearance
      • Charismatic, sociable, and added plus if multi-lingual
      • Resourceful problem solver when difficult situations arise that need to be addressed immediately
      • Good diction and speech skills, with a pleasant-sounding voice.
      • Manages stress well and is able to deal with problematic guests with ease and poise.
      • Basic knowledge of Psychology is very helpful in this industry.
      • A naturally friendly disposition with always a welcoming smile.
      • Basic knowledge of working in the Hospitality industry is a plus.
        event hostess

        Basic Job Requirements for an Event Hostess

        Being an event hostess is more than just having a pretty face, it requires intellect, tact, good judgment, and professionalism in order to succeed in this position.
        Hostess responsibilities include:

        -Be well-groomed and neat in appearance, with a ready smile and quick-to-respond attitude.

        -Greet and meet the guests upon entering the event space or venue to direct them to the correct tables or event location.

        -At the event, the hostess is responsible to know about the event timeline, location of different activities, and other pertinent event information.

        -Advising the guests regarding event directions or instructions, giving menu or other related recommendations, and addressing any other questions by the guests.

        -At the event's conclusion, say goodbye to the guests, assist with any cabs or taxis, direct them to the coat check or restroom area, confirm their enjoyment of the event and address any issues with management.

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