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Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / September 20th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
One of the most important facets of putting together a stellar team of event staff in LA is to ensure that your staff is being properly managed by either a team captain or event manager.

The staff may know exactly what their tasks are, and they may know precisely how to perform their job well. However, when you have more than one kind of event staff in LA, coming together as a team to fulfill a complex task such as a large event, you need someone in charge who can oversee everything everyone is working on, to ensure that all of the different pieces that make up that event, fit neatly together.

This is not something that can necessarily be taught, this comes from years of industry experience and hands-on knowledge. But having a good strategy ahead of time is also valuable for anyone looking to improve the way they manage event staff in LA.
Tips for Managing Event Staff
Choosing a Great Team Leader
This is only the start of what you need to make sure that your event staff in LA is being managed well. A strong leader with experience and hands-on knowledge in coordinating events, managing timelines, dealing with staff or guest issues, and more.

This person also needs to be professional, able to handle stress well, and able to perceive event or staff-related issues before they happen in order to avoid them from starting in the first place.

Schedule time for prep work
Planning ahead means you are prepared for anything. What makes an event move smoothly is anticipating what will be needed well ahead of time. This goes beyond just staffing numbers. This means the manager must make sure the bartender has enough ice, paper supplies, garnishes, and more. That the servers have folded enough napkins for the different courses for the event, with extras to spare. That there is enough glassware polished and cleaned by the barback or bussers for the event. These details which seem insignificant or small can make the difference between a successful event and a failure.
Cleanliness and Sanitation are Key
Having a clean workspace is more than just ensuring that the floors are swept and mopped and the tables are cleared. It also means making sure that all of the staff handle the food with washed hands, and that their hair is pulled back if they have long hair. That nobody is touching their face and then the food or the plate ware.

Having a manager who is conscious of sanitation and safety and how these measures are very important to not only food safety and health codes, but to the overall success of the event, is an absolute necessity.
A Well Trained Staff is the Path to Success
A manager does more than give direction- they lead by showing support, offering appropriate training to enhance their staff's skills, and guiding them in their career paths to become better than they were before.

How to find the perfect event staff in Los Angeles

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