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Event Staffing: 5 Professions in One

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / June 10th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
To be in the business of event staffing is no easy feat. You are quite literally at least 5 professions combined into one, and each component is just as important as the next. You have to be a jack or jane of all trades in order to handle situations that may arise and to be able to think critically and problem solves on the spot.

Here are the 5 professions in one event staffer:

1. Psychologist

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Being able to read the guest's emotions is a huge part of the job of being a waiter. In event staffing, you need to be able to accurately feel your guest's moods in order to know how best to approach the table.
If a waiter detects that the guests at the table are in the middle of an argument, or they are in a bad mood, they may adjust their "bedside manners" to give the guest more space so they can possibly calm down and improve their disposition. Then on the other hand, if the guests seem to be in a great mood and have very positive feelings, then the waiter can engage more fully with the guests and create a stronger connection. When the guest feels trust in the waiter, they are more likely to take their recommendations on dishes and drinks, and this increases the odds of the waiter being able to upsell.

      2. Athlete

      A waiter can be compared to an athlete because on average in a single 12-hour shift they walk between 5-8 miles. An experiment was actually done where pedometers were put on the servers to calculate the average distance they traveled on the job for 3 days.
      Another factor is the daily weight that a waiter carries. They carry heavy trays while on the job of either food or drinks and are able to do this with one hand only while keeping the tray balanced. At times they have to quickly move across an entire dining floor, while avoiding obstacles, and not dropping anything.
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        3. Loader

        On many occasions in event staffing, waiters are often used to help move furniture and other supplies to set up various types of events. They have to be able to hoist tables, chairs, bar stools, trays, coolers, and other heavy objects in order to help get the event set up. Then at the end of the event, guess what? They have to move it back out to the moving truck parked outside!

        4. Comedian

        In order to get through some of the tougher days in event staffing, when you have to deal with an especially challenging guest, or it's just been a difficult shift at work, having a sense of humor goes a long way. Most waiters are sarcastic to a fault, and this also helps with the comradery between the event staff and lightens the overall mood.

        5. Child Entertainer

        event staffing la
        This doesn't just mean working an event specifically meant for children, it also describes what waiters do every day when there are children at their tables. Making the kids happy and relaxed means the parents can be more relaxed and enjoy their time more. This also benefits the waiter in the end, because the grateful parents are likely to leave a higher tip if they see the waiter going to all lengths to help them keep their kids entertained.

        These are just 5 of the many different professions that could be described that go into the daily work of someone who works in event staffing.

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