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5 Events for Which You Should Definitely Hire Bartenders

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / May 2nd, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
There are many occasions that can benefit greatly when you hire bartenders in LA. Bartenders are the focal point of any event, big or small. They add a touch of class, entertainment, and hospitality to your guests that you would otherwise not have.

Here we will go over 5 different events with which you should most definitely hire bartenders in Los Angeles and add a WOW factor to your next event.

Doubting whether to hire bartenders in LA?

hire bartenders in la
We understand that you may have hesitations about hiring staffing for events in particular the stresses of finding good bartenders for hire. It can seem like a daunting task to undertake. Will they fit into your budget? Can you rely on this person to deliver on their promise? Do they need instructions on what to do when they arrive? Do they really have the experience they claim to have?

These and many more questions pop up in many event planners' minds when looking to hire bartenders in LA. When you find a great staffing agency that provides Los Angeles event staff, those worries will disappear completely. The agency assumes all the responsibility for providing you with exceptionally talented bartenders for hire. An agency has already done the hard work of recruiting and vetting the staff, then provided them with additional training, and finally because of all of these painstaking steps, has ensured to the client that their staff's skills are up to par.

      5 Types of Events in LA You Should Hire Bartenders For

      There are 5 popular event types that you should hire bartenders in LA for without a second thought.
        1. Corporate Events

        For those tedious and sometimes dreaded office get-togethers, you need the ice-breaking benefits and moreover serving OVER ice benefits of bartenders for corporate events. A bartender makes the atmosphere more relaxed and comfortable for your guests and is able to increase the level of engagement with your attendees.

        3. Weddings

        Wedding receptions will always need a fantastic bartender to turn a ho-hum event into an exciting and sometimes hilarious occasion! The wedding reception is for most people the best part of a wedding. That's when you get to throw down, dance, eat, and drink! Because the guest lists tend to be large, you need to find a wedding bartender in Los Angeles who has the experience, the charm, and the speed to handle the crowds.

        5. Holiday Parties

        This can mean anything from Christmas parties to New Year's Eve parties, to Halloween parties and any other holiday with which you want to throw a special event for your guests. Finding a bartender service in Los Angeles to provide you with top-notch experienced talent who can have fun with your guests, create holiday-inspired drinks, and still be professional and get the job done, is perfection.
        2. Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

        These celebrations for the ladies and the men are often a time of letting go and having one last all-out party to celebrate their betrothal. You definitely want a bartender on hand to provide fun drinks, to go with the mood of the party, and to make the event feel more special for your guests so they can have a really good time.

        4. Industry Parties

        These can be anything from Fashion Show parties, to Film Industry parties, and any other industry-specific type of event that happens on a fairly regular basis. A great bartender especially one that handles exclusive high-tier guests is highly sought after and necessary. You don't want just anyone serving your guests' drinks, you want someone who is polished, poised, and utterly professional at all times.

        Where to Hire Bartenders in LA

        LA is now home to one of the leading sources of bartending talent for hire in the country. Julia Valler Event Staffing has been in the business of elite hospitality staffing for a decade. Due to our immense company success in NYC where our company first began, we have now expanded our reach to Miami, FL, and also Los Angeles, CA.

        We guarantee exceptional service to our clients and go above and beyond to ensure that their events are handled with white-glove care.
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