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Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / December 26th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
If you want to provide the ultimate guest experience at your next event, then you need to hire bartenders in Los Angeles who can serve up a Rolodex of killer cocktails, and provide top-level hospitality at all times.

When you hire bartenders in Los Angeles, you are getting much more than just a service professional who pops open a beer and shakes an occasional shaker. Bartenders are quite literally one of the most multi-faceted staff members in any hospitality business. Why? Because they are the focal point of the venue, they greet the guests as they arrive, and they provide exemplary service to people both eating and drinking at the bar, all while maintaining the bar areas organization, cleanliness, and speed of service, while simultaneously fulfilling drink orders for the rest of the event (banquet service, cocktail service, etc.).
This is a very stressful job that demands the ability to juggle many tasks and have eyes everywhere, and many people just don't have what it takes to succeed.

There are bartenders for hire everywhere you turn in LA. Now the question is, where can you find the best talent for your event? Simple! You need to find a top agency that specializes in staffing for events, with a stellar roster of hospitality talent.

Advantages of Julia Valler Bartender Service in Los Angeles

Before you hire bartenders in Los Angeles, you need to narrow down your choice of where to find your dream staff members. Many go for the assumed easy route of either searching on a job search engine, trying to scout from another business, or asking friends or family for recommendations. But, none of these will offer you the guarantee of professional service reliability that comes when you hire bartenders in Los Angeles from an experienced and tenured event staffing agency like Julia Valler.
Julia Valler offers the following advantages when you hire bartenders in Los Angeles through us:
  • Our talent has been handpicked due to their extensive bartending experience and impeccable professionalism.
  • The model quality looks with an elegant appearance.
  • Our bartenders go above and beyond just bartending - assist with event set up and breakdown.
  • Polished and pressed uniform selection of your choice for our bartenders to wear to your event.

Why Clients Choose Our Bartenders Again and Again

Our bartenders are popular among our clients due to their exuberant personalities and charisma, innate passion for all things hospitality and service, and their ability to know what the guests need before they even have to ask!

Julia Valler offers top bartender services in LA that have no comparison. We stand confidently behind our event staff in LA, knowing that they will provide our clients with the finest quality hospitality service in the LA area!

Ready to get started in finding top bartenders in LA today? Give us a call and one of our account executives will assist you with matching you with the perfect talent.
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