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Tips on How to Plan an Event

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / November 05th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
Do you want to plan the event of your dreams but are stuck as to how to even start? It all comes from having a solid event planning foundation to build your very own party of the year. Anyone can plan a successful event, event planning is not some far-reaching skill that only a few can hope to achieve. It means having an organized mindset and knowing exactly what you want to achieve from your event from the beginning.

Why Do You Need Event Planning?

Without proper event planning, you are setting your party plans up for disaster. Half of the event planning is simply coordinating your plans so as to anticipate any and every possible thing that can go wrong, and instead set them up for success.

There are 5 important steps one must take when it comes to successful event planning. Check out what steps we recommend you should take to make your event one for the books!

      5 Important Steps of Event Planning

      • Step 1. Determine your event goals
        Having the vision ahead of time as to what you picture in your mind your event will look like is important. This means also assessing what feelings your event will invoke in your guests, and what the grand takeaway you want from your event to be.

        Once you know what you want your event planning to achieve, you simply walk backward from the finish line toward the start line to coordinate the steps you need to take. For example, you want to have an amazing wedding reception with everyone dancing outside under the stars. This means you need a venue with great outdoor scenery, a DJ, a tent or a covered outdoor venue, possibly some heat lamps if it gets chilly, a dance floor, and more! See how the steps just lay themselves out for you? If you build it in your mind, the steps will come!
      • Step 2. Establish an event budget
        We can all dream, right? But dreams are cheap and reality is expensive. Having a realistic budget from the start will help you to reign in any plans that are just out of your abilities.
      • Step 3. Choose a date & venue
        This is the next important step, having a set date and locating your ideal venue space. Once you have the date mapped out, then you can start booking what you need. You can't make rental arrangements or find a venue until you know what day this will all take place. A venue is obviously critical to establish, and you need to take care to make sure all the amenities your event requires are stipulated and outlined carefully from the beginning. The last thing you want to do is book a space that doesn't offer the particulars that you require.
      • Step 4. Select Event Staff
        Your event planning will not be complete without having the right talent in event staff at your side. Your guests will need to be provided with great care and having a solid team to cater to their every need is essential.
      • Step 5. Event Marketing & Advertising
        For more corporate events, you will require to coordinate any event marketing and advertising campaigns to announce your event to your intended market. This needs to be done in advance so that enough time is allowed to give your event the most exposure possible.

      Where to Find the Best Event Staff in LA

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