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Parties in LA You Definitely Need an Event Staff

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / July 15th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
Many different occasions would benefit from the hiring of event staff in LA. From serious to celebratory, event staff guarantee that you have less stress to worry about, and that your timeline for your event is followed and enforced.
event staff la
event staff la
event staff la

What are Event Staff

If you are looking for event staff in LA, then first you need to understand what event staff is comprised of to know what your options are for event planning. The event staff handles all aspects of hospitality services. The following are examples of event staff and some of their responsibilities:
  • Waitstaff
    greet your guests, order and serve food and drinks, attend to guests' needs throughout the event related to food services, and maintain clean tables.
  • Bartenders
    set up a bar, do prep work, and provide drink service for guests and table service.
  • Bussers
    clear and reset tables, clean floors, and maintain restroom areas.
  • Barbacks
    restock bar area, clean barware, bar top, and any bar tables.
  • Hosts
    greet guests and direct them to where they need to go and answer guest questions.
  • Event Captain
    oversees event staff and event timeline to ensure it runs flawlessly.
  • Bar Captain
    oversees bars if more than one is utilized.

Parties at Which you Can not Do Without Event Staff

On many occasions, LA event staff just make party planning sense and you really just can not hold many important occasions without their help in organizing and carrying the event forward.

Event staff in LA are experienced and capable of providing service for any number of events including:
  • Weddings - event staff greet your guests, take their presents, direct them to their tables, take their drink orders, take their food order if table service or serve them food if it is a buffet. The guests are always attended to during the wedding reception, drinks refilled, tables cleared and reset, and the entire event space is kept clean.
  • Anniversaries - event staff welcome your guests and direct them where they need to go, take drink orders and serve appetizers, take food orders and serve food, serve champagne for toasts, and help clear tables and reset. Say goodbye to guests and help them to their cars if necessary.
  • Store openings - LA event staff help welcome newcomers, hand out freebies or marketing material, give samples, answer questions, and make the atmosphere more engaging with the public.
  • Presentations of new products - staff give speaking points, do demonstrations, hand out samples, answer questions, and engage with your target audience.
  • Corporate Parties - staff provides food and drinks to guests, helps with food service, keeps event area clean, resets tables, attends to guests' needs.
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