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Top Rules for a Perfect Bartender in LA

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / February 20th, 20223/ ~ 8 minutes read
When it comes to being a great bartender in Los Angeles, there are certain characteristics that many of them have in common that enable them to be the best in their field.

It's not rocket science, a lot of it comes down to being professional, available, committed, and skilled at your craft, but there are other nuances that are not as widely known that make up the perfect bartender in Los Angeles.
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Rule 1: In an Orderly Fashion

A bartender in Los Angeles who is worth their salt (no pun intended), knows that one of the best ways they can support themselves on a busy night is to have a bar that is in perfect working order. This means already having clearly outlined areas for specific bar bottles, knowing when your refrigerator items are about to expire, and having them clearly labeled. Not only does all of this make your bar look more visually presentable to the guests, but it also increases the speed of service and the quality of that service as well.

Rule 2: Positive Vibes Only

There will be times when all bartenders in Los Angeles will have their patience tested to the limits. Whether it is due to job stress because of the pace of work, or dealing with a difficult customer, the necessity to keep your behavior professional, composed, and upbeat is critical to being a great bartender.
    Rule 3: Be Everywhere At Once

    Most bartenders in Los Angeles will tell you that in order to succeed in this industry, you need to be in multiple places at once. This means taking a drink order while shaking a cocktail, tallying up someone's bill, and keeping an eye on the other customers seated and around the bar. This may seem like a juggling act, and it kind of is!

    Rule 4: Jazz it up!

    Guests love to see flair, so if you have some mad bartending skills whether you flip bottles, flip cups, or just do a little jig, make it entertaining, lively, and fun! Some bartenders in Los Angeles have their own unique feature that they have learned to develop as a sort of trademark with which to show off their bartending chops and keep the guests mesmerized and asking for more!
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      Rule 5: Keep the Conversations Politically Correct

      We all know to not speak of religion or politics when at a family gathering, use that same common sense when you are on the job as a bartender in Los Angeles as well. The last thing you want to do is have a high paying customer leave a bad review or get very upset because you made a joke that was inappropriate or offensive, even if unintentionally.
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      Rules 6: Do Not Abuse your Job Position

      Never ever ever, abuse your role as a bartender and the access that you gain from this position. You are never permitted to drink on the job, it looks completely unprofessional and is just a tacky way to display yourself in front of the guests and your peers.

      Rules 7: Repeat Back To Guests Always

      The bar can oftentimes get very loud and rowdy, which is why it is crucial for bartenders in Los Angeles to always repeat a guest's order back to them to clarify. If you make this a common practice in your bartending job, you will set yourself up for fewer headaches, less waste, and happier guests!

        How to be a Top Bartender in Los Angeles

        You need to join an elite team of hospitality professionals who are all about making sure the guest is treated to the finest experience possible.

        At Julia Valler, we are here to support our team with coaching and mentoring support to address any professional needs they may have.

        When you have the full support of a professional staffing agency behind you, you are set up for professional success in your career!
          private bartender for hire in la

          private bartender for hire in la
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