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Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / February 07th, 2023 / ~ 7 minutes read
When it comes to event staff services in Los Angeles, you truly want it to be perfect, so your guests are getting the highest level of hospitality possible, and overall that they are enjoying your event immensely.

There are no cutting corners when it comes to selecting the best event staff services in Los Angeles. You want a certain guarantee of quality that comes only from taking the time to find the best source of talent in the area.
Many have made the mistake of trying to hire event staff services in Los Angeles on their own, without the professional guidance or advice of a staffing agency. Either by putting an ad on a gig site or job board, or even hiring through word of mouth, but all with potentially disastrous results.

They may seem like an easy and effective way to go about hiring staffing for events, but the risks involved in hiring complete strangers off of the street, without any guarantees of their skills or that they will show up for your event at all, far outweigh their convenience.

How do you avoid catastrophe when hiring event staff services in Los Angeles? It's easy! By hiring only through a well-tenured and industry-experienced event staffing agency like Julia Valler.

Why JV Event Staff Services is One of the Best in Los Angeles

There is a long list of reasons why our agency is considered by our current and past clients to be one of the best agencies for event staff services in Los Angeles. But we will only illustrate a few that are most notable to us, so you can get an idea of how our methods make us stand out from the competition.
3 Things We are Proud of:
  • Our Recruitment System - We hand-select all of our staff members so that we only bring on board the most experienced, skilled, and professional talent to be a part of our agency. We have a level of service that our agency demands and we hire talent that we feel will meet our high standards and deliver top-quality service to our clients and their guests.
  • Our Staff Training Methods - We instill a rigorous and mandatory training regiment with all of our new staff members in order to guarantee they are at our level of service. This is done with experienced mentors on our staff who are there for their education, coaching, and constant support.
  • Attention to Every Detail - Details are everything in this industry. We know how easily forgetting the smallest detail can spell disaster for an event. Our staff is trained to pay attention to every detail of your event and your guests' needs. And when it comes to our initial event staffing, from selecting the perfect team for your event to selecting the shoes they will wear, it all matters to us. We have, for example, a detailed guide just on the selection of staff shoes!

About Julia Valler Event Staffing in Los Angeles

Julia Valler is recognized for its exceptional quality in event staffing in LA. Our clients have come to expect only the highest level of service and staff from our agency. We believe that hospitality standards deserve to be at the level that our agency has set so that guests are always getting impeccable service and an amazing experience.

Our agency has been providing staffing for events since 2013 when we first opened our doors for business in NYC. We have through companies' immense success, grown to expand into Miami and now Los Angeles.

If you want to learn more about our event staff services in Los Angeles, contact us today!
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