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7 Traits of the Perfect Waitstaff in LA

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / December 01st, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
It's time to dole out our list of the TOP 7 traits that the best waitstaff in LA possess. We all know how it feels to either hire waitstaff that fails to meet expectations or when going out to eat at a restaurant, receive poor wait-staff services.

Taking your time to find the best Waitstaff in LA can make the difference between having a successful hospitality business or event, or having a total failure on your hands.

There is no luck involved when it comes to hiring waitstaff that will do the job perfectly from start to finish. But there is a set of criteria that you can check off one by one, that will let you know that you have hired waitstaff in LA that will not let you down!

7 Traits To Look For When Hiring Event Staff in LA

If you find waitstaff for hire that have these characteristics, then you are hiring a champion team member for your staffing for events!
#1 Passionate About All Things Hospitality
The perfect waitstaff in LA are individuals who live and breathe hospitality every day. They define themselves by their ability to provide amazing guest services at all times. They are fully committed to providing everything that the guest needs even before they walk through the door to work.
#2 Professional to the Core
All waitstaff in LA should be utter professionals when it comes to their craft. They take their job seriously and are fully committed to what is expected of them. They show up early to work and stay late to help out. They are disciplined when it comes to their own professional training and development, and take pride in continually looking to improve their service to the guests.
#3 Patience is a Virtue
It's a definite virtue that top waitstaff in LA must dominate in order to provide great service without skipping a beat. There are times when difficult situations arise or more challenging guests make the waiter feel like they might lose their temper. So having a level-headed staff member with a naturally patient disposition will go a long way.
#4 Gracious Personality
A great trait of waitstaff in LA is having kindness and grace in their words and behavior around the guests and other staff. A positive attitude can be felt by all and its effects spread with ease to those who are around it. Positive people create positive guest experiences.
#5 Amazing Memory
This industry is fast-paced and demanding, and having waitstaff that has the memory of an elephant is like finding gold. Great waiters can remember their table's food and drink orders, and the day's specials, to get another table some more lemons, all the while not forgetting to let the chef know about a food allergy at one of their other tables. Having a good memory is an important factor in providing great service.
#6 Natural Multi-tasker
Truly talented waitstaff can juggle many different tasks at once. They can take a food order, and pour out some more wine, all while carefully balancing a tray of cocktails. Being able to manage time and tasks effectively is at the core of providing amazing hospitality.
#7 Team Spirit
A sign of agreat wait staff member is one who knows how to manage their own responsibilities while balancing their time to help out their fellow staff members. They are quick to lend a hand when there is a rush of service needed, and how to jump in without being asked to aid their team.
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