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What Qualities Should Party Staff Have

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / September 5th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
When looking to find the right team of party staff in Los Angeles to work your next event, it's important to know ahead of time what are the best qualities you should look for when you want to start recruiting talent.

We will go over everything you need in top event staffers, so when it comes time to search out the best staffing for events, you already have set criteria to go by!

      Why party staff should be carefully selected

      Like any employee, you want to be sure that you are bringing on board party staff in Los Angeles that can be trusted and are highly reliable. You are not only having these staff members come to your private event, but you are also bringing them into contact with your guests, some of whom could be the closest people to you in your life.

      You don't want staff that is problematic or risky in any way to your guests, nor do you want to hire someone who ends up being a no-show, that would devastate your next event due to it being understaffed. So careful consideration and determining the best possible and most trustworthy candidates is an absolute necessity that shouldn't be ignored.

          What qualities we are looking for in candidates for the party staff position

          There is a long list of qualities, but we will go over some of the leading contenders that you should look for when recruiting party staff in Los Angeles.
              • Experienced Professionals
                The servers must have experience in fine dining or high-end catered events. This means they know how to behave in these particular settings and are more polished than the average server. Bartenders should possess experience working for a full bar and all of the responsibilities and knowledge that entails.
              • Congenial to All
                You want your party staff in Los Angeles to be outgoing, positive, and extremely friendly, with all of their energy directed towards providing the best hospitality service at all times.
              • Fluent English
                The ability to understand fully the English language, whether it's their native tongue, or not, should be able to communicate effectively with the guests and the host so no misunderstandings occur.
              • Passionate About Hospitality
                Having a natural dedication and passion for the work, plus the desire to please the guests is a trait that party staff in Los Angeles must have.
              • Punctuality
                This goes without saying, all of the party staff should know to be on time for an event always.
              • Team Attitude
                Having a staff member that works well with others and not only contributes their share but is willing to make sacrifices to help out others when they need it.

              How to find the perfect party staff in LA

              Do your homework and search for the leading agencies that specialize in event staffing in Los Angeles. Check out various agencies' google reviews to get an honest look into what their staff and clients think about the agency and the services they provide.

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