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How to Define the Target Audience for Street Team Marketing

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / June 24th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
If you have considered using street team marketing for your next promotional campaign, you need to do some important market research ahead of time to define who your target audience is and what would be the most impactful marketing technique that your street team can employ to further your brands reach.

What is Street Team Marketing?

Street Team Marketing
Street team marketing is a tried and true marketing technique of using individuals trained in marketing skills to dive into heavily trafficked areas on foot, to achieve a "guerilla marketing" style of creating brand awareness and generating buzz.

Why is it Important to Define the Right Target Audience in Street Team Marketing?

First, we need to define for you what a target audience means. A target audience is people who potentially would be attracted to your products. One more important consideration when defining your target audience is whether or not they have the purchasing power to buy your product or service. With all of these criteria combined, you get more clear parameters of who you should be focusing your street team marketing strategies on, and what sort of advertising investments you should be making overall.

    What is a Portrait of the Target Audience?

    A portrait of the target audience simply means the qualities or characteristics of the group of people who are interested in your brand. These characteristics can include:

    • Gender
    • Age
    • Purchasing Power
    • Employment Status
    • Marital Status
    • Hobbies or interest

    Having an accurate picture of these audience characteristics ahead of time for your street marketing team will prove to be invaluable.

    street team marketing
    Under the portrait of the target audience, they mean the qualities that a group of people interested in the product possesse

    Benefits of Сorrectly Choice the Target Audience in Street Team Marketing

    Choosing the correct target audience has numerous positive results for your marketing campaign. You won't waste resources on an audience that will in large never be interested in your product or business. Saving resources and time is clearly a benefit for anyone looking to get ahead. Some of the advantages of choosing your target audience wisely include:
      Lower advertising costs
      With your audience defined, you won't be spreading your marketing budget thin on advertising to people who are not interested in your services. Instead, you can focus all of your budgets on the specific target audience that guarantees you better results.
      Promotional campaigns will spread rapidly
      You will see that by targeting your correct audience, your brand reach will spread more effectively and you will also see the results in your profits.

      Efficacy of Marketing Strategies will Improve
      When you know who your audience is, you can create tailor-made advertising and marketing campaigns that will work more efficiently.
      Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
      If your target audience sees that you are specifically trying to meet their needs in your product or business, the greater the chances that they will show their appreciation towards you by becoming increasingly loyal to your brand.

      Difficulties in Determining the Target Audience in Street Team Marketing

      Street Team Marketing
      JV employs experienced street teams to bring your products to the right audience.
      It is no easy feat for an individual to be able to assess the characteristics of people walking by on the street in such a short period of time.

      Julia Valler Event Staffing has highly experienced, trained, and trusted street teams for hire that are skilled in making quick judgment calls to hone in on the right individuals to target with your marketing strategies. They are charismatic, affable, and brilliant in their effectiveness at intriguing passersby to stop, listen, and absorb the information given to them. You will see the difference when you hire your street marketing team of brand ambassadors with our agency.

        How to Hire a Street Team in Los Angeles

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        Street Team Marketing
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