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5 Reasons to Hire Street Team

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / November 15th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
Need convincing that a street team is exactly what your next marketing endeavor in LA needs? It's not a difficult task to persuade brands' that people are the best marketing solution out there. When it comes to selling a product or service, having the right individuals hand deliver your brand's message to your intended market, has a far greater impact than any other marketing method.

One is far more likely to be interested in purchasing something if it was brought to their attention by a street team. Especially if those street teams are speaking confidently and passionately about all of the facts pertaining to your product or service.

Top 5 Reasons Street Teams Make the Biggest Impact

  • 1 Street Teams Present Your Brand in the Best Light
    Having a street team that is well-versed in your brand's message and offerings, will cast a positive light on how your brand or product will be beneficial to your intended market. As well as providing pertinent information to your potential customers, having a professional team of individuals creating that lasting impact at your marketing event, will make your brand stand out from the competition and be taken more seriously.
  • 2 Street Teams Find Your Target Audience on the Street
    Our skilled and trained street teams are experienced in identifying and targeting your intended market. Their magnetic personalities and innate ability to hone in on the customers you wish to attract. At the point of initial contact, they will describe your brand, its message, its benefits, and then provide print marketing materials, samples, demonstrations, and more. If your target market has questions or concerns, those can be addressed immediately by a street team. This means that your potential customers are already getting the answers they need in order to make a decision about your brand.
  • 3 Street Teams Can Personalize Your Brand
    Having that personal touch in your experiential marketing plan is wise, as it creates an emotional interaction with your customer base. It's more likely that your potential market will be convinced to buy your product or service if it was brought to them personally by a street team. They won't see your brand as just a name, they will remember the experience they had and how it overall made them feel.
  • 4 Street Team Marketing is an Effective Investment
    A street team is not only an investment in your marketing campaign's overall success, but it is a smart business investment in furthering the overall success of your brand in the long term. The most successful advertising and marketing campaigns take advantage of the human aspect of sales by appealing to our innate attraction towards other people and things of beauty. Our brand ambassadors in LA are composed of elegant and well-groomed individuals, with silver tongues, and charismatic personalities, who will deliver your brand's message and products successfully to your intended market.
  • 5 Street Team Marketing is Available at Any Time
    The benefit of hiring a street team is that this is a staffing solution that can be assembled at any time with ease. A great street team is capable of quickly learning and delivering your marketing information to achieve top-level results for your marketing campaign.

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