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Service Rules of Julia Valler Waitstaff Company

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / May 30th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
There are several service rules that our waitstaff company demands of our staff, in order to provide the highest level of service that Julia Valler has come to be known for. We value our clients to the extent that we are continually looking to improve our staff by offering peer mentoring and training to raise the bar of our already exceptional service to even greater heights.

Our event staff company in Los Angeles provides top-level talent in all areas of hospitality staff services. We have anticipated and planned accordingly for every need our clients may incur when staffing for events.

How the JV Waitstaff Company Achieves the Highest Level of Service

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Model Waitstaff in Los Angeles
Our waitstaff company is comprised of an amazing team of highly qualified and experienced professionals that were handpicked with great care out of the multitudes of applicants we receive.

We look for skilled talent with the right resume qualifications and corresponding professional attitude when hiring new team members to our waitstaff company.

All of our applicants have been put through a rigorous vetting of their backgrounds and work history and were also tested on specific skills pertaining to their job title, in order to ensure the quality of the staff we provide.

      Вasic Service Rules of JV Waitstaff Company

      We have a certain standard of serving our clients that are expected of all of our waitstaff in Los Angeles. These are forms of serving etiquette that has become expected forms of top-tier service to guests. Here are some of the basic serving rules of Julia Valler:

      • Be friendly, polite, and respectful at all times to the guests.

      • Serve ladies first, then from eldest to youngest.

      • Serve from the left, and clear from the right unless space does not permit you to.

      • Provide corresponding utensils with the appropriate courses.

      • Present the plate in front of guests with the protein at 6 o'clock.

      • Drinks are served from the right-hand side and face to guest all beverages with labels.

      • All non-alcoholic beverages are refilled when they are halfway full.

        Advantages of Julia Valler Event Staffing in LA

        Julia Valler has been providing top-performing model quality wait staff for hire for almost a decade. We offer many advantages over our competitors that have garnered us a 98% client retention rate. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy when you choose Julia Valler Event Staffing:

        • Top Experienced Talent - we only hire about 7% of the talent that applies to our agency due to our extreme care and thorough vetting of talent.

        • Account Executives - Event planning can be stressful to those new to this endeavor, so we provide professionals to aid our clients with the entire process and handle all of their questions and concerns.

        • Uniform Selection - We provide several different uniform options for you to choose from depending on the formality of your event.
        • Top Name Client List - We are proud to have such repeat clients as Coach, Chanel, Ferrari, Disney, The MET, Tiffany & Co., and many more!

        • Immediate Quotes - We know how important a budget is to the event planning process, so once you have determined your staffing needs, we provide you with an immediate estimate of costs.
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          Our event staffing services go beyond the borders of Los Angeles and expand into the surrounding communities of LA county.
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