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How to Choose the Right Wait Staff for Party in LA

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / April 8th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
It is imperative that you know what steps you should take in order to select the right wait staff for a party. Having the wrong people at the helm of your event can not only create the wrong kind of memories for your guests but also can risk you possible liabilities.

You need to be sure that whomever you are hiring is actually qualified, experienced, and trustworthy in their purported profession. Everything looks great on paper or on a virtual resume, but you won't really know what you are hiring until the day of your event. That's why leaving the recruiting of wait staff for a party to the professionals, is your best option.

What Professional Wait Staff
Can Do for Your Party

wait staff for party
Serving with a smile is our specialty
Just having waitstaff at your event looking freshly pressed and professional, will give your party immense credibility and bragging rights. Your event waitstaff will act as a direct extension of yourself and represent the hospitality you wish to grant to your guests to make them feel right at home.

In addition to this, especially with larger guest lists, the waitstaff can act as your own personal greeting party, welcoming each guest with a smile and a passed hor d'oeuvre or beverage. This immediately sets the tone for the rest of the event with this warm courtesy.

They can help direct the guests to their correct tables if it is an assigned table event, such as a wedding reception or banquet dinner. And they can immediately start taking personal drink orders and making people feel comfortable in the venue or place your party is taking place.

      Selection Criteria for Party Wait Staff

      When selecting your wait staff for a party, you want to look for certain criteria or attributes that they possess to eliminate any problems from the start.

      They should have the following:

      • Vetted Experience - You need proof that they have experience in their field.
      • Warm People Skills - ability to easily and warmly communicate with guests and coworkers
      • Professional Demeanor - Reliable and professional behavior
      • Team Player - Works well and is ready to jump in and help other staff
      • Ability to Multitask - Can juggle more than one responsibility at the same time
      • Food & Beverage Knowledge - Basic wine/beer/liquor knowledge and food knowledge to answer questions by guests to describe menus.

      Advantages of Recruiting Wait Staff
      for a Party through an Agency

      The pluses of finding wait staff for hire through an event staffing agency in LA is that the worry and stress part of staffing your event will immediately disappear. No longer will you bear the burden of responsibility to ensure that the staff is trained, experienced, knows their job responsibilities, and shows up on time. A professional staffing agency will guarantee that your event is in more than capable hands, and will be handled with the utmost care.
        wait staff for party
        Good mood of the wait staff is the key to a successful party

        About Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency in Los Angeles

        wait staff for party
        Model Event Staff in Los Angeles
        Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency has been leading the way in Hospitality staffing since our inception in NYC back in 2013. Due to our immense success and rave client reviews, we have expanded into two other major metropolitan areas, Miami in 2021 and now Los Angeles in 2022.

        We are thrilled to share our talented staff with Los Angeles and to win the hearts and minds of our new clients in this area. Here are some of the following reasons we are considered the very best in staffing for events:
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          Our professional staff will impress your guests with their polished looks and skills.
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          No need to worry about dealing with contract employees, all of our employees are W2 hired by Julia Valler.
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