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Recruiting Secrets of Waitstaff Companies

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / May 13th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
Have you ever wondered the ins and outs of how waitstaff companies go about finding the best and most qualified talent to work in event staffing in Los Angeles? Here we will divulge with you our agency's best-kept secrets to locating and recruiting the best wait staff for hire and event bartenders in Los Angeles.

Where Waitstaff Companies Look for Candidates

waitstaff companies
Any top-of-the-food-chain waitstaff company is going to sift through hundreds of applications for bartenders, wait staff for hire, and other hospitality positions, in order to find the ones with the most experience and best work ethic.

We search low and high for the ideal candidates, by searching through social media, on special industry websites, and especially through word of mouth. A lot of our hospitality staff talent is referred internally by employees of our agency who have worked with really talented individuals in other jobs. This is our best source of finding great talent because we have someone we work with and trust, vouching for someone else who is equally skilled if not more.

      What Waitstaff Companies Look at in a Resume

      Our HR managers for our agency examine thoroughly a potential job candidates work experience, references, background and professionalism. We only choose about 7% of the applicants we receive in order to guarantee to our clients that we are providing the best quality service possible. Only applicants that have the right professional experience, speak english, and have all of the necessary work documents are permitted to join our agency.

      How the Selection Process Is Going

      All candidates that make it past the first selection process, are then required to go through a rigorous interview process where they are also tested to verify their job-specific skills, overall work performance, communication skills, professional behavior, and ability to work well in a team setting.

      How Waitstaff Companies Train Their Staff

      We understand that different employees come from all different kinds of professional backgrounds and training. So in order to level the playing field and ensure that all of our employees' job performance meets our expectations and our commitments to our clients, we provide substantial professional training and mentoring to our staff when they join our waitstaff company.
        waitstaff companies
        JV Staff is ready to serve at your event

        About Julia Valler Event Staffing in LA

        waitstaff companies
        JV Event Staffing provides professional, experience in catering, model-looking staff in LA
        Due to our careful and selective methods in recruiting talent over the past decade, our agency has flourished with success, with operations now available in NYC, Miami, and now Los Angeles.

        Our company offers the following advantages for our clients:

        • Account Executives - we have our team of management ready to answer any questions you may have about how to get started in staffing for events.
        • Top Talent - we carefully select and train our model quality top-tier talent to only provide the very best to our esteemed clients.
        • Uniform Selection - We offer professional uniforms to choose from depending on the formality of your event. We can also work with custom uniform requirements.

        • W2 employees - you don't have to worry about dealing with the stresses of contract employees, all of our employees are hired by our agency as W2 employees.
          Where is Your Next Event?
          Our event staffing services go beyond the borders of Los Angeles and expand into the surrounding communities of LA county.
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