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Waitstaff Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / June 4th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
A professional waitstaff is required to follow certain rules of service or etiquette of hospitality. These are the unsaid dos and don'ts that waitstaff learns to adhere to in their professional careers.

Basic Rules of Waitstaff Etiquette

Every last detail that the waitstaff provides to the guest is critical to the success of the experience for the guest. A warm greeting and smile, pulling out the chairs for the ladies, addressing the host of the table for wine selection, a subtle touch on the shoulder to direct their attention to something. These and many more elements of great service and etiquette go a long way in making the guest feel at ease and welcome.

      Here are some of the most basic rules of etiquette that waitstaff follow:

      • When the waiter makes eye contact with a guest entering the establishment, it is imperative that the waiter greets them immediately in a friendly manner and offers any assistance or service they may require.
      • In addition to following the norms of speech etiquette, non-verbal communication is just as critical to be aware of. Looking bored, annoyed, or showing any negative emotions or body language is not permitted.
      • A waiter must never communicate in a rude or disrespectful way to the guest. They must never raise their voice, but use calm and friendly welcoming gestures and tones at all times.
      • Many restaurants have a sommelier, but when there are none available, it should be within the waiter's skill set to be able to assist the guests with their wine selection and answer any questions they may have.
      • Waiters should refrain completely from getting involved in guests' discussions. Only when the guest asks a question or directs the conversation specifically to the waiter, should they make any form of a comment.

      The waiter is prohibited from:

      • Any use of or maintenance to personal hygiene in front of the guest such as putting on perfume or cologne, combing the hair, blowing the nose, etc. The waiter must excuse themselves and do these things if necessary, in the restroom area.
      • Picking up anything from the floor with their bare hands. The use of a broom and dustpan is recommended. The waitstaff comes into direct contact with the guest's food, so this would be a serious hygiene issue.
      • Creating loud noises or disruptive behavior such as laughing, running, and goofing around, are not to be done on the job. The guest should be provided with a quiet and calm environment.
      • Using a cellphone, or other devices that are not directly related to the waiter's job. This is a form of distraction and makes the waiter look inattentive and uncaring of the guest's needs.
      • All other forms of non-acceptable behaviors or actions include chewing gum, eating food, drinking, coughing, sneezing, picking the nose, and scratching.
      • Sitting down with the guests or even leaning on an unused chair while at the guest's table.

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