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Waitstaff: Who's Who at a Banquet

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / May 5th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Having an understanding ahead of your banquet event in LA, as to the different roles of the waitstaff team involved in taking your party plans and transforming them into a successfully executed event, is key.

There are many moving parts that go into a banquet event and having the right professional waitstaff team by your side, can mean the difference between an event that is thoroughly enjoyed by your guests and one that is remembered for all the wrong reasons.

How to Understand the Diversity of Waitstaff?

There are many different types of staffing for events that you will need to be able to cover all of the necessary facets that go into a carefully orchestrated banquet event.

Having a diverse team means that no stone is left unturned, and in the case of one of the team members needing some help, you have multiple hands on deck to jump in and resolve any situation that arises.

It is advantageous to not only know each type of waitstaff for hire available to you but also to know exactly what their job role and responsibilities are.

      Types of Waitstaff

      • Bartenders - These team members are responsible for taking drink orders and serving drinks to guests, taking food orders at the bar when applicable, greeting the guests warmly as they approach the bar area, and maintaining a clean work area (wiping down the bar, keeping coolers clean, polishing glassware), restocking supplies and beverages, stocking or preparing garnishes and mixers. etc.
      • Servers - They are in charge of taking food and beverage orders, being attentive to the guest's needs, anticipating when the guest may require something, explaining the menu items to the guests, refilling drinks, and keeping tables clean of debris and dirty items.
      • Bussers - These staff members are to keep the event space clean and orderly by sweeping the floors, mopping when required, restocking toiletries, and clearing and resetting tables.
      • Barbacks - This is an important staff member to have behind the bar area to assist the bartender when they get busy with restocking bar supplies, clearing and cleaning the bar area, and polishing glassware.
      • Event Captains - This leadership teammate is in charge of the event as a whole to ensure all of the wait staff for the event are taking care of their responsibilities and addressing any situations that may arise.
      • Bar Captains - A bar captain acts as the overseer of the bar and any satellite bars that are set up at larger events. They make sure that the bartenders' needs are being met and that to handle any issues that need addressing.
      • Sanitation Captains - These leaders are used to make sure the bussers are organized and spread out evenly around the event. They also make sure that no tables or event areas are being neglected and point out any spaces that need attention to the busser team.

      How to Build a Waitstaff Team for Your Event

      We highly recommend that for any waitstaff team, you first and foremost have a leader hired to manage them. Bar Captains and Event Captains will take over the reins of the most important facets of your event so that you can relax while they handle any situations that come up with professionalism and ease.

      The next step is knowing just how many of each type of waitstaff team that you will need.

      Event Bartenders - Be sure to have at least 1 bartender per 75 guests when you have a partial bar or a wine/beer bar. For a Full Bar, you will require 1 bartender per 50 guests.

      Event Servers - For having the right number of coverage to serve food, we recommend 1 waitstaff member per 10 guests for a sit-down dinner event. For a cocktail party, we suggest having 2 waitstaff team members and 1 busser available.
        Event Captains will solve all the problems of your event
        For any other suggestions on the number of waitstaff team members, you may need, to inquire with one of our talented Account Executives, to make tailor-made suggestions based on your events specifications.

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