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What You Need to Know About Catering Waitstaff in LA

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / June 12th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
If you have a catering event coming up and you are considering hiring professional catering waitstaff in LA, then this article is for you. We will go over different types of catering events and how catering waitstaff is beneficial to the overall success of this type of event.

What Catering Means

catering waitstaff la
Catering is simply explained- for example, you have a wedding that you are planning, but you do not want to host the reception in a restaurant or hotel where there are kitchen services available. But instead, you are thinking of a picturesque event location like a park, or beach, or perhaps at an event hall that you are renting, or some other beautiful event space that offers the room to rent, but not the food, beverages, or staffing required. This is when you would need to hire a caterer to bring those items that you want to offer to your guests on-site.

The word Catering means (catering from cater - "to supply provisions") - the provision of services for servicing events in remote (from places of public catering) places.

Catering is not limited to just preparing the food and beverages, but also entails other services rendered, like serving the food to the guests, setting the tables up for the event, and having staff handle any guest requests for more food or drinks, etc.

      What Catering Includes

      • Providing full catering services to the event of food and beverages.

      • Recruiting more staff to handle the event if more are needed to handle the event size.

      • Arranging the food, beverages, and tables, so they look appealing to the guests and is also functional.

      • Ensuring availability of electricity, water, and other necessities to prepare food and clean up.

      • Transportation of all necessary equipment and staffing to the event.

      • Additional extras are provided depending on the location site and the weather forecast for the event day.

        catering waitstaff la

        Catering Waitstaff is an Important Part of Catering

        Catering staff is professionals from start to finish. It can be a more complicated job than a typical server, because you may be dealing with unique event locations, such as working in a remote place outdoors. Having to deal with wind blowing away tablecloths and napkins, bugs getting into guest's drinks, ice melting in the hot sun, and other potential event stressors that an experienced and adept catering staff member will be able to handle without skipping a beat.

        What is critical is having catering waitstaff that is able to be flexible to the event at hand. Always maintain a positive attitude and focus on providing incredible service to the guest at all costs. If you find staffing for events that is willing to go the extra mile to handle any issue that comes up in an event that wasn't anticipated, you have found stellar staffing talent.

        JV Event Staffing Provides Catering Waitstaff in LA

        catering waitstaff la
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