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Banquet Servers for Hire in Miami

banquet servers for hire
At Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency, we offer the top banquet servers for hire in Miami.
At Julia Valler Staffing Agency, we offer the finest in Banquet Servers for Hire in all of Miami. There are many types of occasions where having a Banquet Server will be not only completely necessary but will save your event from total failure.

You will want to plan ahead to hire the right amount of waitstaff for your event size who are also backed by a top agency with guaranteed experience and results. No more guesswork in hiring event staff for your events, when you hire through us we eliminate the stress of event staffing and provide you with seamless service and excellent client care.

What Event Would I Need a Banquet Server

Any large banquet event such as a wedding, gala, corporate dinner, and any other large-scale size dinner setting where the anticipated guest attendance requires a significant waitstaff size to serve either tableside or through a buffet.

Having an adequate hands-on-deck ensures full coverage and the ability to deliver the type of top-quality service that your guests deserve. Keeping the flow of service running in a timely and smooth manner means your event progresses naturally and effortlessly.

What Additional Waitstaff Will I Need For a Banquet?

Once you decide to work with our event staffing agency, our dedicated Account Executives, based on the event details you provide them with, will make all of the professional staffing recommendations they feel you will need to have a successful event.

Bussers, Coat Checkers, Bartenders, Hosts/Hostesses, Cocktails Servers, Server Captains, Bar Captains, are all examples of possible team members your event may require depending on how complicated your event is. Once you have an estimate of your guest count, the timeline of events for the dinner/party, and a date for your event, you can give our Account Executives a call and find out all of the necessary pertinent details that they feel would aid in executing your event.

Can I Handpick My Banquet Servers for Hire?

One of the many benefits of using Julia Valler Staffing Agency for all of your event staffing needs is that we offer to our clients, fully virtual waitstaff selections. Especially post 2020, this is a highly desirable business tool that we feel is very important for the convenience of our clientele.

You can choose from our roster of waitstaff members based on photos, skill sets, video clips, and work experience. All of our waitstaff members are subjected to very thorough background checks and work experience verifications. Only a mere 7% of the many applicants we receive actually get hired by our agency, so you know you are selecting from the very best.

Why Choose Our Agency

We have a long list of loyal satisfied clients, who for over the past decade that we have been in business, both in our NYC location since 2013 and now our new Miami location since 2021, again and again, utilize our agency for all their event staffing needs.

Some of our top notable return clients include Coach, Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Rolex, and many more. If you would like to establish an account with our agency, please contact one of our eager and professional Account Executives to help you get on your way.
Hire your banquet servers now at Julia Valler Event Staffing - Miami

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