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How to Find Qualified Catering Staff for Hire near Me

catering staff for hire near me
Not all catering staff are created equal, some are just plain crumby-pun intended. If you find yourself asking the question "How do I find catering staff for hire near me?", here at Julia Valler Event Staffing, we have got all the answers.

It's not an easy feat finding the right talent in NYC for any job these days. Some of you caterers, I'm sure, have tried the trial by fire of utilizing gig sites like Craigslist, among others, and have learned the hard way that it is one of the worst solutions to finding skilled talent for this type of work.

Why do gig sites not work to find catering staff for hire near me, you may ask? Simple. You won't know who exactly you've hired, in terms of what their experience is, how skilled they truly are if they've even ever worked a catering event in their entire life, until the big day when they show up and drop a tray carrying the 3-tier cake you just slaved over for the last 16 hours.

How To Find The Best Catering Staff in NYC

Your best bet for staffing in the hospitality industry is hiring straight through a trusted and well-tenured event staffing or catering staffing agency.

At Julia Valler, our large roster of skilled talent encompasses many different facets of the hospitality industry, specifically catering events. Our agency is considered one of the leading staffing sources for NYC for the last decade.
What to Look for When Choosing a Staffing Agency
There are several things you want to consider carefully when choosing the right agency to hire your catering staff from. Here are some things to ask and how Julia Valler checks every box on the list.
What are the agencies google ratings?
This is the number 1 thing you should look at when selecting a staffing agency. At Julia Valler, our google reviews speak for themselves. We are proud of our achievements and that our client base is appreciative of our efforts both as a company and of our top-notch staff.
Do they have staff specifically experienced in my type of venue?
Our staff is experienced and further trained, and at times cross-trained, in order to handle staffing as many types of events to provide great service to our clients and their venue needs, including catering.
What is their customer service like?
Our agency provides hands-one "white glove" customer service. We have Account Executives that act as our personal liaisons to our clients, answering questions, offering sage industry advice, and walking them through our entire staffing and event process.
What Conveniences Does the Company Provide Me With?
We stand out from our competitors in that we offer up our extensive contacts in rental agencies that we partner up with, to provide this extra service to our clients in case they need assistance in this area.
Does the Agency provide the Uniforms?
At Julia Valler Event Staffing, we have several options of elegant and chic uniforms for you to tailor to your specific event formality, from casual to runway, we have the right uniform to match. We also will work with clients custom uniform requests!

Julia Valler Event Staffing is the Best Choice For Hiring Catering Staff Near Me in NYC

We are proud of our achievements as a well-respected and sought out after agency. We have a list of top company names that have hired our staff year after year including: Tiffany & Co., Ferrari, Chanel, Coach, Burberry, and many more!
Top Quality Talent
Our team of catering staff is some of the best talents in the area. We receive countless applications from job hopefuls, but only a mere 7% are up to the Julia Valler standards, and make the cut. We further test their skills and provide additional professional training, so that all of our staff is on the same tier as their fellow team members.
Account Executives
We provide all of our clientele with professional and experienced Account Executives to walk you through our staffing and event offerings.
We provide all of our clients with the courtesy of an immediate quote for your event so you can right away firm up any event budget coordination.
Our event staffing agency offers a selection of uniforms for you to choose from for our staff to wear on your event day. If you do have any custom uniform requirements, we are happy to work with you.
Fully Insured and Employed by JV
You don't have to worry about dealing with the hassle of contract employees. All of our staff is hired as W2 employees and are fully insured by our agency.
Available at Any Time for You
We are able to provide our clients with services during the week, on weekends, and after hours. We fully understand that staffing emergencies can and will happen. If you have a staff of employees and last-minute someone does not show up, give us a call to handle this quickly with one of our many dependable staff members.
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