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Looking to elevate your next event or promotional campaign with exceptional event hostesses in NYC? Are you searching for articulate, engaging, and visually compelling professionals who can embody your brand ethos? Whether you prioritize punctuality or flawless execution, our agency guarantees satisfaction.

Established in the heart of New York City, we've maintained an outstanding reputation since 2013, boasting a 97% positive client feedback rate that underscores our unwavering dedication to quality.

With a national presence, our rigorous selection process ensures that our event hostesses embody professionalism and brand expertise through thorough training and meticulous vetting. Our diverse clientele includes prestigious brands, corporations, and event planners across various industries, all benefiting from our consistent excellence in event staffing services throughout NYC.
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Our Achievements

  • Rating 4.9
  • More than 97%
    Positive feedback rate
  • More than 50%
    Customer retention rate
  • 10 years
    Of impeccable reputation
Hi, my name is Viktor. I'm the Account Manager at Julia Valler Event Staffing.

Say goodbye to your search for outstanding event hostesses for your upcoming occasion! Together, we can curate a team of seasoned and polished hostesses who will elevate your event to unparalleled heights. Contact us today, and let's start planning for your event's success!

Meet Julia Valler Hostesses

Here are some of our event hostesses in New York City. We have over 100 hostesses on our NYC roster. Contact us to find out which ones are available on the day of your event.
Client Reviews
  • Paola was great! 0 complaints. She was smart, communicative, super helpful and happy. Probably the best single day staff that I've come across, sincerely. And I hire event staff quote often bt the US and EU. Very much appreciated. I will def keep Julia Valler in mind for future events, when the location fits.
  • We needed Greeters at a Comedy-Event. Julia Valler sent a pair of Model / Actors - already friends with each other . PERFECT for our event ! Super friendly, interactive. "Just what we needed !!"
  • Julia Valler provided event hosting services for our company party. We were very impressed with and appreciative of Luisa and Daria for their kindness, professionalism, and enthusiasm.

    They understood the task, asked meaningful questions, and made our guests feel seen, heard, and welcomed. We would book them both again in a heartbeat.

    Julia Valler is our new event staff go-to.

Key Considerations for Selecting Event Hostesses from Julia Valler Event Staffing

event hostesses
Choosing the right event hostesses is pivotal for your event’s success. Discover why opting for event hostesses from Julia Valler Event Staffing is your best decision:

  • Expertise and Professionalism: Our event hostesses are seasoned experts with extensive backgrounds in managing diverse events. They excel in guest service and etiquette, adeptly navigating various scenarios with impeccable professionalism.

  • Appearance and Presence: First impressions count. Our hostesses are not only attractive but also impeccably presented, seamlessly aligning with your event’s theme and your company’s brand identity.

  • Communication Skills: Clear and courteous communication is essential for guest satisfaction. Our hostesses possess excellent communication skills, adept at answering inquiries and providing necessary details, ensuring a positive event experience.
  • Etiquette and Protocol Expertise: Proficient in event etiquette and protocols, our hostesses skillfully handle tasks such as guest greetings, seating assistance, and event information dissemination.

  • Adaptability and Versatility: Events can be unpredictable. Our hostesses are equipped to adapt swiftly to changes, ensuring seamless event flow and guest satisfaction.

  • Warmth and Engagement: Creating a welcoming ambiance is key. Our hostesses bring warmth and enthusiasm to your event, enhancing guest comfort and enjoyment throughout.

  • Client Acclaim: We pride ourselves on glowing testimonials and client recommendations, a testament to the excellence and reliability of our hostesses.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: We offer competitive pricing for our event hostess services, providing excellent value while staying within your event’s budget.
event hostesses
Choose Julia Valler Event Staffing for event hostesses who will enhance the guest experience and ensure the success of your event.

Professional & Charming Hostesses

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Other Our Advantages

  • W-2 Employees
    Our commitment to quality and reliability is underscored by employing W-2 status personnel. This ensures that our event staff are fully integrated team members, dedicated to professionalism and consistency in every interaction.

  • $5 Million in Insurance Coverage
    We prioritize the safety and security of your event with comprehensive insurance coverage. This policy provides peace of mind, safeguarding against unforeseen circumstances and ensuring that your event proceeds smoothly without financial risks.

  • Experienced Account Executives
    Our team of Account Executives comprises seasoned event professionals who bring extensive industry knowledge and a proactive approach to understanding your unique event requirements. They are committed to delivering personalized service, offering expert guidance, and ensuring a seamless staffing process from start to finish.
  • Online Casting
    Utilizing state-of-the-art online casting technology, we streamline the promotional staffing selection process for your convenience. This platform allows us to efficiently match your event needs with the most suitable candidates, saving time and ensuring a tailored staffing solution that meets your specifications.

Our Customer Service Vision
Our Goal: Make sure that when you think Event you think — Julia Valler.
We at Julia Valler want to make your event one that you can remember. When you turn to us you turn to highly skilled and trained professionals who will make sure your event is not only perfect every time but the process of making it perfect was a breeze.

  • 1
    Friendly faces
    We love to help others. You can expect a sincere smile and a warm welcome from us at every interaction.
  • 2
    All inclusive service
    We open our doors to everyone. You can expect to receive a high level of service and respect from start to finish.
  • 3
    We are here to help. You can expect us to work hard to find the resources and materials you need.
  • 4
    Accommodating approach
    We understand you may have special requests. You can expect us to consider your circumstances and to be flexible when we can.
  • 5
    Open and honest
    with you and follow through on our commitments. We will communicate how and why we have made our decisions.
  • 6
    Courteous and responsive
    in dealing with your needs. We will maintain professional relationships with all customers. We will collaborate and listen to your feedback to do things in new and better ways.
We will do everything to make sure that when you think Event
you think — Julia Valler.

Events Where You Can Use Hostesses

Hostesses from Julia Valler Event Staffing are versatile professionals who elevate a diverse range of occasions, such as:
Trade Shows and Exhibitions
They excel in managing registration, guiding attendees, and fostering a welcoming atmosphere at your booth or exhibit.
Sporting Events
They assist VIP guests, manage seating arrangements, and enhance the overall event experience with their attentive service.
Fashion Shows
Our hostesses oversee guest check-ins, provide seating assistance, and ensure flawless event logistics for a captivating audience experience.
Gala Dinners and Banquets
Skilled in guest seating and hospitality, our hostesses contribute to the seamless execution and elegance of your event.

Corporate events
From corporate parties and product launches to conferences and seminars, our hostesses ensure guests receive personalized attention, maintaining a polished and professional setting.
Private Celebrations
Whether it's birthdays, anniversaries, or special gatherings, our hostesses adeptly handle guest management and event coordination, allowing hosts to relax and enjoy.
Promotional Activities
Ideal for product launches, in-store promotions, or brand activations, our hostesses engage customers, deliver product knowledge, and elevate customer interaction to leave a lasting impression.
They support registration, distribute event materials, guide attendees to sessions, and offer general assistance throughout the event, ensuring smooth operations.
Hostesses can distribute materials, help with registration, direct attendees to sessions, and provide general assistance throughout the event.

Professional & Charming Hostesses

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