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Get your ideal street team in NYC with Julia Valler Event Staffing agency. Our street team promotions will set the bar high for business marketing for your competitors to keep up with. We have a dedicated and trained team of professional street teams ready to take your marketing campaign to the next level. Their innate ability to draw crowds and sell your brand with passion and charisma, will drive new business to your doorstep.

We have received many accolades for our commitment and passion for providing top class client services since 2013. We are continually looking for new ways to improve our business practices, so that we are always challenging ourselves to be the very best.

Our Achievements

  • Rating 4.9
  • More than 97%
    Positive feedback rate
  • More than 50%
    Customer retention rate
  • 10 years
    Of impeccable reputation
Hi, my name is Sena. I'm the Head of Sales at Julia Valler Event Staffing.

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Please note that these are examples of our models. Contact us and we will select the best street team for your marketing goals and make a custom presentation
5 Reasons to Choose JV Street Teams in NYC
Here are our top 5 reasons why our street teams create successful promotional campaigns

#1 Our Street Teams Are Your Best Spokesperson

When you hire any of our street teams, they will speak confidently and positively about your key marketing points to your target market. They will inform, charm, and demonstrate how your business is beneficial to your intended market. This individual attention to your ideal customer, will create a personal touch that will have a lasting impact and transform passerbyers into loyal customers. Their professional demeanor, and marketing skill sets will be a perfect match to your campaign and its promotional goals.

#2 Easily Identify Your Target Market

Our street teams are trained to identify target markets, and to develop new relationships with them. This means approaching in a professional manner, using their skills and intellect, to ignite interest in people who may have otherwise never heard of your brand. They will then further spur their interest in your business or product by giving pertinent information, demonstrations, and providing product handouts or marketing promotional materials to your customers. This creates a memorable experience and is a hands on approach to growing your brands reach. Having a clean and sanitary work environment is an integral part of our agency's work ethic. Our party staff are trained to always maintain a safe, clean, and sanitary work environment at all times, while upholding the strictest in food safety standards.

#3 Making Your Brand Memorable

Through this method of approaching new customers and introducing them to your brand and its offerings, creates a highly memorable experience. They will associate your brand with the promotion, its team, their strategies, and their impeccable professionalism and natural passion for your product or business. This translates into an increase in customer loyalty and new customer development. Individuals are more likely to become actual customers if they can interact with your product first. Street teams take this one step further, in that they provide information, answer questions, and they give special attention to your target markets specific needs.

#4 Street Teams Are A Smart Business Investment

Not only is hiring street teams in NYC an important and impactful investment for the promotion of your brand or product, but it's also proven to have very positive long-term results for your businesses' brand name recognition and appeal. As humans, we are naturally drawn to other human elements. Advertising would not be what it is today without using people and beauty to draw in new customers. Street teams use this same tactic, but on a more personal scale in that they can interact physically with your intended market, and convince them in person, that your brand, product or services, is what they need.

#5 Our Street Teams Are Ready to Go!

You don't have to wait to get that amazing street team working your promotional campaign, we are available any time! Our staff is trained to digest marketing materials and business brand information easily. They will put both to memory and heart your brand's message and benefits, and go out there and deliver top quality results to your target customer base..

Other Our Advantages
  • Fully Vetted Street Teams for Hire
    We carefully hand-select our event staff in NYC from the many applications we received to choose only the best applicants. Only about 4-5% of the job applications we receive go on to become part of our team.
  • Remote Staffing Selection Option
    We offer fully remote street team members selections for our clients. You can view our staff's photos, video clips, and resumes to select exactly the staff members you wish.
  • W-2 Street Team Members
    We do not hire our employees on contract like many other agencies. Our street team's staff is W-2 employees and are expected to meet our agency's highest performance standards in order to remain employed with us.
  • Available Always
    We are here for you 7 days a week, even after office hours, in order to handle any NYC street teams' solutions you may require.
How to Book Street Team in NYC
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Your account executive will send you a quote and a presentation with photos, and previous experience of available street team members.
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Confirm your event details in New York, and make your street team members' selections.
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Make a payment to confirm the booking. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful work of our street team for hire.
Enjoy the street teams work during your event in Los Angeles

Our Clients

  • Our experience with Julia Valler staffing was excellent. We received a prompt quote within hours and our event coordinator Viktor was extremely responsive throughout our planning. Their Brand Ambassador rate is very well priced for NYC, and the staff they sent onsite were all fantastic. We hired 5 BAs who worked a 2 day pop-up for us, and they were extremely hard workers with a great attitude. 5 stars all around. Would definitely use them again, and would highly recommend.
  • Fantastic company to work with. Had an activation within Times Square and their team was nothing but professional and down for the task. They checked in multiple times before leaving for the day and went above and beyond with the task at hand. Will use again!
  • Amazing experience with Kerwyn and Sena + the promotional models at Julia Valler. They helped us get promotional models set up for an event last minute after we had cancellations from other models. They were extremely timely and professional and I would recommend to anyone in the market for promotional models. Thank you so much!
Customer Service Vision
Our Goal: Make sure that when you think Event you think — Julia Valler.
We at Julia Valler want to make your event one that you can remember. When you turn to us you turn to highly skilled and trained professionals who will make sure your event is not only perfect every time but the process of making it perfect was a breeze.

  • 1
    Friendly faces
    We love to help others. You can expect a sincere smile and a warm welcome from us at every interaction.
  • 2
    All inclusive service
    We open our doors to everyone. You can expect to receive a high level of service and respect from start to finish.
  • 3
    We are here to help. You can expect us to work hard to find the resources and materials you need.
  • 4
    Accommodating approach
    We understand you may have special requests. You can expect us to consider your circumstances and to be flexible when we can.
  • 5
    Open and honest
    with you and follow through on our commitments. We will communicate how and why we have made our decisions.
  • 6
    Courteous and responsive
    in dealing with your needs. We will maintain professional relationships with all customers. We will collaborate and listen to your feedback to do things in new and better ways.
We will do everything to make sure that when you think Event you think — Julia Valler.

Professional & Reliable Street Teams in NYC

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