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Banquet Server Uniform

Banquet Server Uniform
One of the many advantages with selecting Julia Valler Staffing Agency for your hospitality staffing needs is that we provide our clients with all of the banquet server uniforms for the staff to wear, with many stylish and appealing options for you to choose from. In addition to this, if you have any custom uniform requests, we are also able to cater to those needs.

A sharp banquet server uniform, well-pressed and clean, gives your event another element of class. We offer a variety of options for you to choose from, that will give your event day the feel you want it to have.

Styles of Uniforms Available

Black on Black
A very sophisticated look for the wait staff to wear is having an all-black look. Black button-up dress shirts with black skinny ties, black dress pants, a black leather belt, and black dress shoes.
We also offer the option of adding on a black dress jacket for the men to wear if you so choose.
This style of uniform looks amazing for bartenders and wait staff to wear for any variety of event.
White Top, Black Bottom
This is another client favorite for the staff to wear, a white dress shirt with a skinny black tie, black dress pants, black leather belt, and black dress shoes. Same as the all-black look above, you can also decide whether you want to add on a smart black dress jacket for the men to wear.

This banquet server uniform style looks great at weddings and banquet dinners of all varieties when you really want your guests to be wowed.
Classic Black Pencil Skirt
This skirt looks very chic and stylish on the waitresses when they wear this to events. Paired nicely with a black or white button-up dress shirt and black flats or high heels. A minimal look with a maximum statement.
Little Black Dress
Perfect choice for the ladies to wear as cocktail servers to give an air of elegance and poise to your event. Matched with either black flats or high heels. Can be worn for galas, cocktail parties, weddings, and more!
Custom Uniform Options
We are able to cater to any custom uniform requests you may have for your event. Please note, any individual bespoke uniform requests are available but at a higher price. For any questions and to obtain a quote, please call us at 212.845.99.08 for our NYC office and 786.670.91.95 for our Miami office.
Julia Valler Event Staffing
Established in NYC in 2013 and Miami in 2021, our agency immediately shot to the stratosphere of event staffing by creating a unique foothold in the hospitality staffing industry. We stand by our credence in providing excellent staffing solutions to create memorable high-class events for our clients.

98% of our clients have become return customers, which shows us that not only are we appreciated for our hard work, but we are sought after, overall the competition, for any following events our clients may have.

Some of our available wait staff for hire include bartenders, cocktail servers, bussers, promotional models, and much more! Give us a call today to find out more!
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Julia Valler Advantages
  • The first-rate model quality talent is available for hire for events of all kinds and sizes.
  • Our staff is thoroughly vetted and subjected to background checks.
  • Highly experienced Account Executives ready to help you through the hiring process.
  • We are available to assist you every day even after business hours.
  • Fully remote online event staff selection available to you.
  • Immediate quotes for your event upon request.
Request a quote today to get started immediately on your model staffing needs!

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