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Bartenders in NYC:
A Short Guide for Beginners

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / February 26th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
Haven't you ever wondered what it is like to be a bartender in NYC and also how to go about finding the absolute best ones at their craft? A bartender is more than just a person serving a boozy drink, a lot goes into their craft, their skills, and their very important and hectic job.

What is the Role of a Bartender?

A bartender is everyone's favorite person when they go out to their favorite bar, pub, or restaurant. They are multifaceted and incredibly important workers in the hospitality industry. They are part bartender, server, cashier, and psychologist. First, as a bartender, they make drinks not only for the bar area, where people tend to just shout their requests, but if there is table service in the venue, they are making drinks for all tables ordering drinks as well. This can be a daunting task on a busy night to keep pace and not let the quality of the drinks slip. Next, part server. They take food orders at the bar and bar tables, so they are responsible for knowing as much about the menu and food safety as the regular waitstaff. Next part, cashier. They handle cash and card transactions, plus the occasional personal check (eye roll) from guests who are paying their bar tab.
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Next responsibility, they are the personal listener for every wandering soul who comes into the bar and spills their life story. Excellent patience and memory plus being watchful of those having too much to drink is another day on the job.

A day in the Life of a Bartender in NYC

bartenders nyc
A bartender in NYC is like no other bartender in the world. First off, let's talk volume. They deal with busy locations where they on any given day are dealing with huge throngs of crowds, loud music and/or loud crowds, and orders being tossed at them left and right on TOP of that loud noise. Before the crowds show up, they prep for any expected crowd size depending on the nightly average, the glasses are polished like the sun, and the bar is set up with everything it will need for the shift. Barbacks are their go-to helpers especially on busy shifts when they can not leave the bar for a second to restock, so they depend heavily on the barback to be their support system and supply partner.
A gift of gab and having an ability to get along with everyone is an absolute must for a bartender. You get all kinds of people in NYC and being able to handle the unexpected is part and partial to the job of a bartender in NYC.

What a Professional Bartender Can Do
for the Party

First of all, a professional bartender's presence alone at your party will make your guest's jaw drop. It's not your cousin's neighbor's nephew making some really weak horribly mixed cocktails again for your birthday? You actually got a professional?! Prepare for a barrage of fist bumps and high fives from your very appreciative guests.

Professional bartenders will make your party go from ho-hum to holy smokes! They have the experience, the long list of cocktails they can make without breaking a sweat, the personable and pleasant personality combined with a warm smile, to make you and your guests happy with the overall party experience.
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bartenders nyc
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