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9 Rules of Professional Bartending in NYC

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing /June 2nd, 2022 / ~ 10 minutes read
Finding a good bartender in NYC can be very challenging. Luckily, we have recruited some of the best talents in this field to be a part of our staff. Today one of our great bartenders shares his secrets of good bartending. Let's watch the bartender at work through the keyhole.

Rule 1. Keep Order

A bartender's workspace in a way is their own domain, but it is also the primary focal point of a restaurant, bar, or other related business. It must be kept clean, organized, and have an appealing look to draw the customers to it.

Not only is the order essential to the bartender and barbacks' ability to identify quickly what they have available to use for that particular shift, but it also comes in necessary for food safety concerns. A bartender has at their disposal several perishable items in their bar cooler that they must have visible and awareness of all of their expiration dates so they can toss out any that are close to expiring.
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Rule 2. Be Positive

Having a cheerful and positive disposition on the job when bartending in NYC is absolutely necessary to successfully perform on the job. There can be moments when a bartender must deal with a difficult customer or a stressful situation, or just is tired at work. The client is not under any obligation to deal with a bartender's bad mood or lack of sleep. The guests are there for the experience, and the bartender's role is to deliver the best experience possible to them.

Rule 3. Organize the Space

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A bartender's space is best organized if the goal of the speed of service goes into the organizational plan's core. They need to easily access the most frequently used bottles, tools, and any other supplies that they have at their disposal.

A bartender does not want to be struggling to find something they need when they are making a drink, while simultaneously trying to take another order from a guest, as well as trying to ring up someone else bar tab. They have to be fluid and in motion at all times behind the bar, moving quickly to create drinks while providing excellent service to the other guests.

    Rule 4. Everywhere a Little Bit

    As a rule of thumb, a bartender needs to be a little bit everywhere at once. Not only does this ability to multitask help with the overall speed of service, but a bartender should not be overly engaged with one customer either in service or conversation, at the risk of neglecting the other guests.

    Keeping the conversations short and constantly flowing from guest to guest while providing attentive service and a positive attitude, makes for a great bartender.

    Rule 5. Make it burn!

    Guests love to see some show in the work that is created for them behind the bar. So liven up the bar with your most masterful performance in creating visually stunning and appetizing cocktails.
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    Rule 6. Do Not Forget about Political Correctness

    Just like in many other moments in life, having the tact and politeness to not speak about your own personal views on politics or religion avoids creating unnecessary conflicts and distress with the guests and possibly negative reviews of the business as a whole.

    Rule 7. Do Not Use Your Official Position

    A bartender should never abuse their position and drink any alcoholic beverages whatsoever behind the bar while on shift. They are responsible for the food safety concerns and close observation of the alcoholic consumption of the guests at the

    Rule 8. Repetition Is the Mother of Learning

    When taking food or beverage orders from the guests, or asking if they want something to be cleared away from them, it is very important that the bartender seek clarification to ensure the guest understands what was just communicated.

    This oftentimes means repeating back to the guest what you just said or what they just agreed to. That way if the guest misspoke, they are allowed an opportunity to correct or clarify their intentions.

    Rule 9. Always On Top

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    As a bartender, you are the star of the show at the bar, and your presentation shows the guests more about your character before you even utter a word. It also can show the guests how seriously you take your job.

    A bartender's appearance must match the style of the event or the type of business under which they operate. Being well-groomed, with neat and pressed clothing and clean hands, are all part of the essential preparations a good bartender must take in order to be their best on the job.

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