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Bartending Service in NYC as a Pinnacle of Professionalism

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing /August 29nd, 2022 / ~ 10 minutes read
If someone can bartend in NYC, then can pretty much have their pick of bartending employment across the country. Being a bartender in NYC is where amateurs take a hike, and professionals reign supreme and dominate the NYC workforce. Nobody will hire bartending services in NYC from a bartender that is totally green.

You need to have experience working specifically in NYC for an established hospitality business in order to gain bartending employment in the big apple as a bartender for hire. Bartending services in NYC are no joke, as the bartender is the crux of many bars, restaurants, and clubs. These businesses depend on the success rate of their bartenders, so having an experienced staff behind their bar is an absolute must.

What does it mean to be a bartender in New York?

Bartending services in NYC are different than anywhere else in the country because NYC bartenders are experienced working in a high-volume, fast-paced, and often stressful job environment. Depending on the venue, they may have to deal with a large degree of background noise too, and being able to hear other customers drink orders over a loud crowd of people, or loud music, is part of the job.

Bartenders in New York are highly respected because they are full professionals in their craft. They are well trained, able to adapt to changing situations on the job, and can move and think on their feet as they expedite drink orders to keep up with the pace of the business - all while providing great service to the guests.

They are top-notch specialists in their field, able to answer any question about wine, beer, and liquor, provide tasting notes on how to pair the right sumptuous foods with your beverage, and can then educate the guests on new types of liquor that they have never tried before.

With Bartending Services in NYC, you are gaining a talent that is well-rounded in the field of not only bartending, but hospitality, cuisine, and more! A bartender not only serves up impressive cocktails but also serves food, so they have to possess superior food knowledge to answer questions about the menu and make recommendations, as well as be certified in food safety.

Bartenders are also equipped to handle the special lifestyle that bartending requires. Mostly considered a night job, although there is some day bartending gigs, they are night owls by nature and love it! They can work an 8 pm to 3 am shift without batting an eye, get all of their work done, and be fresh and ready to work a lunch shift the next day! Bartending services in NYC means that bartender can rock any schedule and handle all extremes with a smile.

How to Find the Best Bartender for Events in NYC

If you are looking for high-end bartending services in NYC, then you need to look no further than Julia Valler. Julia Valler has been offering bartending services in NYC for almost a decade. Our event staff in NYC is experienced, trained, charismatic, and well-groomed to handle any event you require a bartender for successfully.

About Julia Valler Event Staffing in NYC

Julia Valler provides exceptional staffing for events in NYC for a wide range of occasions. Our agency stands out from the competition due to the following special services we offer:

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  • W2 Employees - No need to worry about hiring contractors, all of our employees are hired by us as W2 employees.
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