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3 Common Myths About Wait Staff

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing /July 21nd, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
There are a lot of myths and blatant misconceptions that people make about wait staff that is engrained in the minds of many guests in NYC who are seated at their tables. These preconceived ideas of wait staff and the work that they do is not only unfair, but it creates an environment where guests have a negative impression of wait staff even before they receive service.

This article will lay to rest once and for all these false narratives, and shed light on the true nature of wait staff.

Waitstaff Myth #1: Waiter is an easy job

This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there regarding wait staff. Waiters must have food knowledge, wine & liquor knowledge, be able to memorize current menus to guests who have questions about ingredients, handle food allergies with the utmost care, memorize any new menus for daily specials, be comfortable around strangers, and be able to speak to anyone with grace and a warm smile, maintain that same pleasant personality even when the guests are less than gracious to them, bounce from table to table and remember minute requests on adding food onto orders, and then do all of this while juggling a tray of drinks without spilling a single drop.
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Waitstaff Myth #2: All waiters are very slow

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If a waiter was slow, they wouldn't last one day in the industry. Wait staff wears comfy supportive shoes for 2 reasons- long hours on their feet, and the need to be running around their entire shift. Wait staff makes money off by turning their tables fast and providing great service simultaneously. That means expediting service, greeting the guests as they arrive, taking any initial drink orders, bringing drinks, and taking an appetizer order, then taking their entree order. Meanwhile, they may have anywhere from 4 tables on up also that were seated at the exact same time. This means having to get to each table quickly and managing their time very efficiently. Being slow means guests getting their service slow which means poor service which ultimately results in making less money. Waiters are fast because the job demands it.

Waitstaff Myth #3: Anyone Can Become a Waiter Without Training

All wait staff is trained, it is part of the job description. First of all, to become a waiter you need to get certified in food safety and also receive certification in alcohol in order to be able to serve alcoholic drinks. The employer of the wait staff must receive those certifications before a waiter is offered gainful employment. In addition to this, each employer provides their own training that can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. This is to introduce the wait staff to their operations, their menus, their guests, and how they like things done. It also allows the employer the opportunity to see how they perform on the job to give coaching if need be.
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Julia Valler knows All About Waitstaff

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Julia Valler, Owner of Julia Valler Event Staffing, CEO
Julia Valler has more experience in providing top-notch wait staff for hire and understanding all of the ins and outs of the hospitality industry than any other agency that specializes in staffing for events.

Our wait staff is the cream of the crop when it comes to talent, experience, and professionalism. Not only do we hire talent that has excelled in their fields, but we also provide training to all of our new hires to ensure that all of our team members are providing the same level of high-class service that our clients have come to expect from our agency.

Give us a call today to learn more about our wait staff for hire so we can answer any questions you may have about hiring event staff in NYC!
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