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Event Staffing Agency vs Staffing Agency

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / March 22nd, 2023 / ~ 7 minutes read
Event staffing agencies and general staffing agencies are two types of employment agencies that specialize in providing staff for different types of jobs. While both agencies provide temporary and permanent staffing solutions, they differ in the type of jobs they specialize in.

We will explore the differences between an event staffing agency and general staffing agencies, and help you understand which type of agency is best suited for your staffing needs.

What is An Event Staffing Agency?

Essentially, an event staffing agency fulfills the demand for reliable and professional staff for events. These agencies offer a variety of staff including bussers, waitstaff, bartenders, event captains, sanitation captains, and coat check attendants, plus a variety of promotional staff (street teams, model staff, event models, promo models, and brand ambassadors.)

Private and corporate events alike rely on an event staffing agency to provide the necessary staff. Private events, such as weddings, private cocktail parties, banquets, anniversaries, and private parties, require the expertise of an event staffing agency.

Similarly corporate events, such as store openings, fashion events and markets, brand promotional events, and corporate parties, also require the assistance of an event staffing agency to ensure that they run smoothly and efficiently.

Event Staffing Agency vs Staffing Agency

Although they may appear similar at first glance, event staffing agencies and regular staffing agencies have distinct structures and functions. Event staffing agencies focus on identifying individuals who are well-suited for particular events, while regular staffing agencies assist in finding permanent or temporary employment across a broad range of industries. Unlike event staffing agencies, regular staffing agencies are not specialized in event staffing and can recruit for any type of work.

How Event Staffing Agencies Work

Many event staffing agencies are strategically located in the heart of their respective cities, providing easy access to clients. With the advent of modern technology, however, physically visiting an agency's office is a thing of the past. Instead, hiring can be done as simply as over the phone or online, and most agencies offer the convenience of selecting staff and promotional models through photo, video, or a live online casting option.

Event staffing agencies are typically staffed by a team of passionate professionals, including account executives, sales managers, hiring managers, and bookers. Furthermore, a reputable agency should have a vast pool of talent to choose from of at least 500 highly qualified candidates, ready for employment.

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