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Is It Easy to Find a Job as a Bartender in NYC?

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / September 25th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
If you are a bartender in NYC and you are looking to find a new and better job opportunity, then you need to consider all of your available options in locating the best job in your field that also offers all of the opportunities that you want.

Finding amazing bartender jobs in NYC can be challenging, as there is often a lot of competition to land the most coveted gigs. It can often feel like everyone and their momma is a bartender in NYC, so finding a great job and getting the employee benefits you deserve is important.

So the most important step in finding a job as a bartender in NYC is knowing exactly where to look

Where to look for a bartender job in NYC

Here are some of the typical areas where a bartender in NYC ventures to find employment:
  • Internet job boards - This can be anything from searching for bartender jobs in NYC on Indeed, Craigslist, Glassdoor, and more.
  • Social Media - Another alternative is to subscribe to different social media pages for companies you desire to work for to see if they post job announcements
  • Visit Local Bars - Going with a resume door to door to your closest bars to offer your bartending services and hopefully land an interview right away.
  • Through acquaintances - Ask friends, family, and former coworkers if they know of any places that are looking for a bartender in NYC.
  • Google Search - The fallback method is performing a basic google search to see if you can find any bartending job postings on different websites.

What to look for when choosing a job as a bartender in NYC

When considering your options for employment as a bartender in NYC, it is important for you to make your own list of what is valuable and important to you when considering different opportunities.

You want to make a well-thought-out list of what you can not live without so you do not short-sell yourself and land a job that you later come to regret.
  • Employers Professional Reputation - Ask around to see if anyone you know or perhaps online has good things to say about this company. Are they stable? Do they have a well-tenured and established presence in their industry? These are important questions to consider when looking for your next bartending gig.

  • Reviews on Google/Yelp/Etc. - How do their customers feel about their services, are they offering great client services? A happy customer means that the company is well organized and managed and you will likely be also happy there as an employee. Sometimes staff also leave reviews about their experiences working with the company. Check those out as well to see on average how their employees feel about what the company has offered them professionally.
  • Flexible Scheduling - Do they allow you to select your schedule based on what you need? Is there some flexibility in the scheduling process? Does this job work well around your personal life?
  • Pay Scale - Measure up their rate of pay against the competition, does it offer you the financial benefits that deserve?

Julia Valler Calls All the Bartenders in NYC

At Julia Valler we are looking for top bartenders for hire in NYC to join our stellar team. We offer some of the most desired hospitality jobs in the city as we provide staffing for events for famous names like Coach, Chanel, the MET, Tiffany & Co., Ferrari, and more!

We believe in rewarding top talent with top pay! That is why our bartenders in NYC make upwards of $30/hr! We are constantly reviewing the professional progress of our staff and giving boosts in pay to show how much we appreciate your talent and hard work.

You also get the opportunity to work on some of the most exciting and exquisitely arranged events in NYC. We often work events where celebrities are in attendance and the pillars of society come to gather. This is not your typical bartending job!

We value your time and respect your personal life. We work to give all of our event staff in NYC a very flexible schedule where you get to choose what events you want to work on in advance!
Does this sound like an opportunity you'd like to learn more about? Contact us today to find out more about our bartending jobs in NYC!

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