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The Perfect Formula for Wait Staff Services

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / February 01st, 2023 / ~ 8 minutes read
If you didn't know it before, there is an actual formula that one can follow in order to find top wait staff for hire in NYC. Many times people have gone about hiring wait staff in the worst ways possible. Not only do they not find the right talent for the job, but they also assume all of the risks involved.

We are here to let you know that there is an easy step-by-step solution to finding wait staff for hire in as painless a process as possible. If you follow our tried and true formula for sourcing amazing event staffing in NYC, you will not be disappointed.

What Makes Julia Valler Wait Staff for Hire the Best in NYC?

Here is what our formula breaks down into. These are our core steps for finding stellar wait staff for hire that will make all of the difference for your next event.
  • Careful Selection
    When we look for wait staff for hire, we only recruit the most qualified and experienced individuals. We are always looking for those "diamonds in the rough" so that we can create a dream team of elite staffing for our clients. This means taking the time to seek out the best of the best in talent and not hiring solely based on filling up a roster.
  • Training & Quality Assurance
    After we have found the best possible wait staff for hire, we develop our new team members with our own personal training to ensure everyone is providing the exceptional services our company demands, and our clients have come to expect. In addition to our training, we observe our staff to make sure that the quality of service they provide is meeting our company standards and the client's needs. These checks and balances and a solid training foundation are what have made our staff some of the most sought wait staff for hire in NYC.
  • Congenial Personalities
    Our team of wait staff is not only gifted in their craft, but they have the personalities to match. They are friendly, able to converse easily with new people, and are the life of a party! They know how to act professionally but also keep the crowds engaged and happy.
  • Large Roster
    One big advantage when hiring our staff is that we have a large pool of talent to choose from. This means you can choose wait staff for any number of event styles or occasions. We have the right team member for anything you need. This tailor-made experience is what sets our agency apart from the rest.

Julia Valler Wait Staff for Hire Will Meet Your Expectations

One of the things our clients love about our agency is that we always meet and many times exceed their expectations as far as quality of service, professionalism, and hospitality.

Our agency and the staff who work within its walls have many years of experience in the hospitality and event staffing industry. This allows us to know exactly what clients expect from the staff, and how to go about superseding those expectations on a daily basis.

When you hire our staffing for events, you are guaranteed an experience in hospitality like no other. Our white-glove service has set the bar high in NYC so it is very challenging for any of the competition to meet the level of service our agency has come to be renowned for.

If you are looking to find the finest wait staff for hire in NYC, contact us today to find out how!
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