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How to Hire a Bartender For Halloween Party

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / October 30th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
Halloween is not just for the kids to have fun, adults want to celebrate too! And what better way to throw a fantastic Halloween party than to hire a bartender to really put the wow factor in your ghoulish gathering this year.

Not convinced why you should hire a bartender in NYC? Well, you will be after we prove what a wicked good time will be had by all, including you!

Why Hire a Bartender for Your Halloween Party

It's pretty straightforward- people want to have fun while getting this one-time-a-year opportunity to dress up however they choose without getting strange looks from passerbyers.

Halloween parties are about playing with fantasy and being spooky, and a party that encourages that while allowing your guests to feel comfortable and have a good time is a hit in the making.

Having a bartender for hire as an additional icebreaker will make your guests feel as if that night is extra special with this additional guest service you have provided them with.

With a bartender for hire working their hocus pocus creating "boo-zey" drinks, you can focus on circling your party, mingling with your guests, and touching base where you need to throughout the evening, without worrying about those extra details.

The bar is always the focal point of any occasion, and this Halloween the eyes will be naturally drawn to its setup of sparkly glassware and boo-fully arranged spirits! When you find a great bartender for hire, they know how to treat your guests right by greeting them warmly, sparking up an amicable conversation, and attending to all of their beverage needs.

Best Halloween Cocktails

Make sure that your bartender for hire has a solid roster of creative concoctions, including some of these top Halloween hits!
  • Poison Apple Cocktails - Everyone loves a good apple cocktail for the fall season, but this Halloween version is sure to drive your guests wild! This version of the apple cocktail has edible glitter swirled in it, which makes it look mesmerizing and magical!
  • Bloody Mary Syringes - Take your favorite bloody mary recipe and turn it into a shot form by using food-grade syringes to deliver its fiery red taste to your guests.
  • Black Magic Margaritas - Black sanding sugar and the right mix of food colorants, added to your favorite classic margarita recipe, makes for an eerie new margarita classic.
  • Witches Brew Lemonade - Blue Curacao mixed with lemonade and gin over ice, is a surefire witchy-looking drink that will have your guests flying off of their seats!
Special Bartender Uniform for Halloween Party

  • Halloween parties mean the staff needs to look their best and dress to suit the theme. Our agency usually accommodates by having the staff wear an all-black uniform. This can be of course supplemented with a small themed accessory if you so choose.

    If you have your own unique uniform ideas, please let us know at the time of your booking!

Why Hire a Bartender for Halloween Party Through Julia Valler

Julia Valler has everything you need to complete your Halloween party plans. You don't want to miss out on a great opportunity to find the best bartender for hire for your Halloween bash.

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