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If you are looking to hire a bartender for a party in NYC, then you need to take into consideration the best option at your disposal for doing so. Most people hire a bartender randomly off of job search sites or gig sites — but that is not only bringing a total stranger into your home or event space, but you have no idea if they actually possess the bartending chops that they claim to have! This could be a major party failure and guess what, you won't find out until the day of, so it will catch you by surprise. So don't put yourself, your guests, and your party in that embarrassing predicament, instead choose a top-notch event staffing agency to hire a bartender for your party in NYC and leave the worries behind!

About Julia Valler Staffing Agency

Julia Valler has been leading the hospitality staffing industry for almost a decade. We have the talent, the experience, and the know-how, to bring your event to another level completely.

Our bartenders are hired in a very thorough screening process, where their backgrounds, work experience, professional behavior, and skill levels are all vetted granularly. Then once they progress past that initial hiring phase, the few surviving talents are put through a multi-tier interview process and test to further judge their skills and expertise. After this is complete, only about 7% of our applicants are considered at the level of Julia Valler to become a member of our agency.

For all of our staff, Julia Valler provides additional training to ensure everyone on board is providing not only the same level of service but exceptional Julia Valler level of service.

Our bartenders are licensed, skilled, well trained, professional, and able to adapt to any party type or size. We can accommodate you with multiple bars and bartenders, as well as support and lead staff such as Barbacks, Cocktail Servers, and Bar Captains.

In addition to these staffing services, if you require a bar set up including: bar tools, glassware, napkins, garnishes, ice, alcohol, mixers, and more, we are able to provide this to you as well, just let us know when you are making you contact us that you would like more information. We also have numerous rental service contacts if you require linens or any other rentals for your party.

We have Account Executives waiting to help you through the staff selection process and to guide you through any other accommodations you require for your event. They will answer any questions and aleve any worries you may have about our services.
Our Advantages
  • Talented model quality staff with exceptional experience and professionalism.
  • Account Executives on hand to give you personalized white glove customer service.
  • Fully Remote/Online staff selection option.
  • Elegant uniform options to choose for staff.
  • Well tenured staffing agency of nearly a decade.
  • Immediate quotes available.

What Parties Can Our Bartenders Work?

We are experienced at handling a vast array of different types of parties and events. From private to corporate our bartenders have worked Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Corporate Cocktail Parties, Store Openings, Galas, Fashion Events and Markets, Promotional Events, and many more. There are no limitations of size or complexity to what we will staff for our clients.

Why Hire a Bartender For Your Party

Bartenders add an extra wow factor to any party. You can fully be a host for your party by having the right staff to help your party go from 'meh' to 'magnificent!'. You can now be free to socialize with all of your guests, and really amaze them with a party they will never forget!
Not only do we provide bartenders for a party, we provide peace of mind

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